Win a $5 to $10 gift certificate from The Tiny Fig!! No purchase necessary!

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Original Post

TheTinyFig says

The Tiny Fig is reaching it's 6 month Etsiversary :D (did I spell that right? haha) Enter to win a $5-10 gift certificate from my shop! 3 ways to win!!! Enter in one of the following ways:

1. Post in this thread to win!
If you are the 600th, 1200th or 1800th poster in this thread you will win a $5 gift certificate for my shop! Chat about anything you like!

2. There's always room for improvement!
post a comment on my blog about how I can improve my Etsy shop OR something you would like to see me make for my shop. I will be drawing to giving away two $5 gift certificates! Be sure to leave your Etsy username or email so I can contact the winner! Enter as many times as you like! Winners will be announced on my blog on March 7th.

3. Help me reach my 200th sale before my 6th months!!!
For every item you purchase from my shop between now and March 7th, 2008 you will be entered in a draw to win a $10 gift card for future use! Winner will be contacted through email.


Posted at 3:15pm Feb 26, 2008 EST


wow yay! congrats!

Posted at 3:15pm Feb 26, 2008 EST

TheTinyFig says

hi littlebo! how are you?

Posted at 3:16pm Feb 26, 2008 EST

TheTinyFig says

3 fun ways to win :D

Posted at 3:19pm Feb 26, 2008 EST

TheTinyFig says

buried already!!!

Posted at 3:21pm Feb 26, 2008 EST

doing good just getting ready to go get the kids from school, oh I wish school was 24-7


kidding, only kidding.........

Posted at 3:22pm Feb 26, 2008 EST

TheTinyFig says

lol it's called boarding school :P

Posted at 3:23pm Feb 26, 2008 EST

TheTinyFig says

good afternoon everyone! looks like the promos are super busy today!

Posted at 3:27pm Feb 26, 2008 EST

Trulymom says

What a fun idea!

Posted at 3:28pm Feb 26, 2008 EST

TheTinyFig says

lots of fun :D

Posted at 3:30pm Feb 26, 2008 EST