Craft Show Table Setup Examples

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Original Post

It's that time of year again and I'm beginning to think about a different look for my booth appearance at upcoming shows and fairs. Typically you are given somewhere between a 8x8' up to as large as a 10x10' space.

I generally run an 8' table across the front and then another smaller 6'table perpendicular to one end of the front table (making it look like the letter L)

This allows the customers to walk up to the setup to shop and gives me room to set up chairs, work area, money, etc. behind the scene.

Can you share some different display pictures with me. I've seen people set their stuff up along the walls (or imaginary walls) toward the back of the space giving the customers a chance to sort of 'walk into' the space.

Which do you prefer??? What works best?? I've heard conflicting views.

Posted at 1:31pm Feb 27, 2008 EST


I don't do shows...but this lady does and there are some examples here :) Hope it helps.

Posted at 1:34pm Feb 27, 2008 EST

I've read that some people don't like to walk into the space...They would rather have a table at the front so they don't feel intimidated or forced to purchase. I've not seen that first hand, just read about it.

Posted at 1:37pm Feb 27, 2008 EST

lol tutrle, i don't do shows yet either.
I was going to recommend browsing flickr too!

just type in keywords of
craft show
craft fair
arts and crafts
booth displays
booth set up
table displays...
hmm thats all i got:)

Posted at 1:40pm Feb 27, 2008 EST

lots of craft show set ups in this flickr group:

Posted at 1:41pm Feb 27, 2008 EST

Lots of awesome pictures here:

Also, there are pictures of my booth here:

Posted at 1:43pm Feb 27, 2008 EST

I agree with gwendolyn, I think that people shy away from walking into a space, plus it's a little claustrophobic ( for me).
I don't have any pics of my display but I use "whimsical" pale floral tablecloths, covered with white runners. I give my display height by using lace or crocheted bolt pillows that I drape my jewelry across. I've gone against the standard bust display because it seems as if everyone does that. I like to stand out a little and make my area look "romantic".
This year, I'll be taking pics.

Posted at 1:43pm Feb 27, 2008 EST

samsshop says

Actually, I like the 'walk in' setup. If you are 'in line' with everyone else, it's very easy for people to just keep walking. If they actually walk in, you know they are interested!!!!

Posted at 1:45pm Feb 27, 2008 EST

Good point samsshop and perfect example of how it's hard to get a feel for what people like. My set up has worked for me, but if it didn't I would give change a try ( despite the claustrophobia)

Posted at 1:50pm Feb 27, 2008 EST

All great opinions and advice. And great links. I never thought about Flickr. I will certainly check it out.

Thank you one and all!!

Posted at 2:12pm Feb 27, 2008 EST