Can I reuse a Priority Flat Rate box??

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Original Post

For priority mail? (This sounds really silly to me, but I thought I'd ask.) I know you can't use it for NON priority stuff, but I'm shipping priority, so I can recycle, right??

Posted at 12:47am Feb 28, 2008 EST


I have re-used before and it went fine. :)

Celeste (Crickets Creations Handknit Scarves)

Posted at 12:48am Feb 28, 2008 EST

yes if you shipping the same method, regular or flat rate, i have

Posted at 12:48am Feb 28, 2008 EST

jenhintz says

Eek. I think that is a question you should ask to the USPS directly...misusing those materials is a crime, and while recycling is wonderful, staying out of jail and not getting fined thousands of dollars is better. There should be an 800 number for the USPS, or I guess you could use an email/contact form on Do your research and tread lightly, you don't wanna mess with the feds! =0

Posted at 12:50am Feb 28, 2008 EST

jenhintz says

Okay, I'm paranoid. Ha!

Posted at 12:50am Feb 28, 2008 EST

quirkybags says

I do this all the time. Sent one today, in fact.

Posted at 12:50am Feb 28, 2008 EST

they arent going to put you in jail for using a priority box twice to ship priority , thats what they are for

Posted at 12:51am Feb 28, 2008 EST

peggyhodge says

You cannot reuse it uncovered if youre not shipping priorty, if you are not, then cover the box with paper.

Posted at 12:51am Feb 28, 2008 EST

Heh. In looking for an 800# on the box, I found the "Please Recycle" message. *shrugs*


Posted at 12:51am Feb 28, 2008 EST

you cant cover them with kraft paper and send them 1st class, thats not allowed

Posted at 12:52am Feb 28, 2008 EST