How to: Hyperlink on Blogger

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Original Post

Thought I'd share how to hyperlink on Blogger.

First get a pen & piece of paper, go online and copy down all the URL's of the places/names you want to hyperlink.

(If you're only doing one, you can copy & paste directly), but I've found it's easier to have a list on hand if you have a bunch to do.

Once you've typed up your post, highlight the word or name you want to hyperlink. (Just the word or don't need to type the entire URL in the post text.) For instance, if I want to hyperlink my shop, I would simply highlight the word shop. I do not need to type the URL:
at this point.

Then go up to the tool bar on the post'll see what looks like two links of's next to the i (italic) button

Click on that

I get a message saying: click here to allow scripted windows (I don't know if you'll get this or not, it might be a virus thing on my computer) I have to click on that, then click on: temporarily allow scripted windows

Then re-click on the chain link button

(we're getting's really not hard)

Then a little window will pop up and you type in the URL of the place you want to hyperlink

Hit ok

You've done it!

Now your post will have a bunch of HTML gobbly gook in it, but it will simply show up as the word/name (in blue) on your post

After I've posted, I always go back and click on the link to make sure it works. Sometimes I've missed a letter in the URL and have to fix it.

Hope this makes sense...good luck!

Posted at 2:07pm Feb 28, 2008 EST


anyone in the evening crowd interested?

Posted at 9:46pm Feb 28, 2008 EST

Thanks for the info! I'm bookmarking this thread for future use!

Posted at 10:00pm Feb 28, 2008 EST

Thanks for the info now i need to know about convo

Posted at 11:15pm Feb 28, 2008 EST