How to Sell lots of Greeting Cards in Etsy?

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Original Post


My shop is mainly handmade cards and I love to make them.

I have seen some card sellers do superbly well here in Etsy, almost made sales daily and sell lots of cards. I am so curious as to how they can do sell so well with their cards.

My sales are not consistence like theirs.

Any secrets that you can share on selling cards here in Etsy? I would love to learn something from you.

Anyone selling their cards well in eBay?
I see that the cards there are priced so low that I wonder how they can earn a profit from their sales.

Hope to hear from you all! :)

Posted at 9:44 pm Feb 28, 2008 EST


I have no advice as you've sold way more than me. Interested to hear the responses though. :)

Posted at 9:45 pm Feb 28, 2008 EST

QuiltSALAD says

This is interesting because I have noticed many people here on Etsy selling paper goods.(greting and note cards , etc.) I briefly considered it, but realized that I like never, ever write letters nor mailable notes, and would be stuck with them in case they didn't sell.

I'm curious to know that, that many people actually write letters/notes nowadays??

I will read on to hear the comments to the OP and hopefully, my question.

Posted at 9:51 pm Feb 28, 2008 EST

QuiltSALAD says

I came back to read the comments.

I'm surprised that no one else posted. Huh.

Posted at 11:46 pm Feb 28, 2008 EST

Yeap... I am still waiting to see if there are people who can share with us their success stories. :)

Posted at 11:53 pm Feb 28, 2008 EST

I would love to hear some secrets to selling greeting cards as well

Posted at 11:54 pm Feb 28, 2008 EST

Uniquegrabs, you have cute stuff! Love it!!

QuiltSalad, love your stuff too! You would be surprised by how many people still buy cards and love to write notes! Here are some factoids about the greeting card industry:

Posted at 11:55 pm Feb 28, 2008 EST

I am getting a gocco - but I am wondering the same thing about letter writing and if there is already so much in the market here.

Posted at 11:55 pm Feb 28, 2008 EST

I write notes all the time!

Posted at 11:55 pm Feb 28, 2008 EST

Oh man I love buying cards on etsy... I just blogged about my favorite card seller today:

check out her etsy... maybe you'll get some ideas.

Posted at 11:56 pm Feb 28, 2008 EST

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