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Original Post

After posting this thread about Stumble Upon: , I noticed a lot of you have questions as to how it works, so I wrote a little FAQ!

- How do I join?

You join clicking the big orange sign on and adding the "stumble upon" tool bar. You can find a link for that on the front page.

- My tool bar has dissapeared, where did it go?

It might be turned off, go to view > toolbars, and see if it's marked.

- Can I get rid of the toolbar?

Yes, you can, just like any tool bar, you can go to view > toolbars and unmark it.

- How do see my stats?

Go to the website you want to see the stats of, and click the little speechbubble icon in your toolbar. You will then see which people stumbled you.

- How do I stumble other people?

This is very simple! All you need to do is click the "I like this!" button on the tool bar, that's the one with the tumbs up sign.

- When I click "I like this" it says I discovered a site, what does this mean and what do I do?

It simply means you are the first person who clicked the thumbs up button for this site. All you need to do is select a category the site fits under (in most cases here that would be blogs, shopping, or photos) and click "no" in the adult content" bit. You can write a review too, if you want.

- What's the "Stumble!" button?

When you click the "Stumble!" button, you will be taken to a random site that has gotten thumbs up from other people. This is how you get your hits too, people stumble you (give you thumbs up) and other people come across your site by hitting "stumble!"

- How do I find the people who posted their links?

Just click their links ;)

- How do I add my website?

You don't have to add your site, every site can be stumbled upon. You can add your 3 favourite sites in your profile though.

- How do I add buttons to my site:

You can find buttons to use on your site here:

- Where is my profile?

Your profile url is: for example, mine is:

If you want to try how it works, just try the demo on, you can try how everything (including the tool bar) works there.

I think this covers most of it! If you have more questions, go to their help section here:

Posted at 12:30pm Mar 11, 2008 EDT


savonara says

Thanks! I was just about to ask a question about the buttons, I tried to put one on my blog but it isn't displaying correctly & I can't figure out why.

Posted at 12:31pm Mar 11, 2008 EDT

You're welcome! I didn't understand it at all myself when I just got it either, so I figured this would be useful!

You don't really need thge buttons by the way, everyone with a tool bar can stumble you :) It's just nice for others to see you have stumble upon too, so they can friend you if they want :)

Are you sure you used the right code on your blog?

Posted at 12:33pm Mar 11, 2008 EDT

Here's the guide:

This is helpful to get you going!

Please add me:

Posted at 12:35pm Mar 11, 2008 EDT

I didn't even notice the guide, that is useful! It's a bit of a confusing site!

Posted at 12:36pm Mar 11, 2008 EDT


Posted at 12:37pm Mar 11, 2008 EDT

You're welcome!

Posted at 1:42pm Mar 11, 2008 EDT

So I did it, but it uploaded to my old unused browser instead of the one I currently use. And how come I wonder I didn't get a profil page or anything like you tizza?

Posted at 1:50pm Mar 11, 2008 EDT

dahlila says

Thank you Tizzalicious, I was indeed confused. Now i think I get it. Very fun. d.

Posted at 1:53pm Mar 11, 2008 EDT

Thanks for this, Tizzalicious!

Posted at 7:29pm Mar 12, 2008 EDT