How to make a banner using Powerpoint

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Original Post

I was on one of these threads a long time ago and someone explained how to make a banner using powerpoint. It worked great. I'd like to make another and cannot remember how to do it. Can anyone help? Thanks.

Posted at 7:51pm Mar 14, 2008 EDT


I did mine in PowerPoint. I am not an expert but for me it also took freeware called PrintKey. If you are interested in exploring this, convo me and I will give details. (There may be an easier way, I just don't know it)

Posted at 7:52pm Mar 14, 2008 EDT

Great - Thanks flandersfield!!!

Posted at 7:58pm Mar 14, 2008 EDT

this was posted a while ago and its what I use.

change the height from 37cms to 27cms though...scarlettcat posts further on in the post to change taht

Posted at 7:58pm Mar 14, 2008 EDT

okay, thanks

Posted at 8:00pm Mar 14, 2008 EDT

morgansilk says

I just used Microsoft digital editor. Easy peasy.

Posted at 8:00pm Mar 14, 2008 EDT

wow this is cool!! thanks

Posted at 8:06pm Mar 14, 2008 EDT

bookmarking, sounds like something to check out

Posted at 8:07pm Mar 14, 2008 EDT

I am trying to figure out how to make a banner using gimp but that program is for advanced users :( why does photoshop have to be so much

Posted at 8:12pm Mar 14, 2008 EDT