Alchemy sales not being added to my total sales count... Who can help me?

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Original Post

My alchemy sales are not be applied to my total sale count. Can someone from Admin please step in :)


Posted at 8:45pm Mar 15, 2008 EDT


Mine were not either. I'd love to find out why.

Posted at 8:57pm Mar 15, 2008 EDT

jenNco2 says

I'm not sure how to fix your problem, but I know it was an issue when Etsy had alchemy before, too.

I'm sure admin will be working on a way to fix it. :)

Posted at 9:00pm Mar 15, 2008 EDT

So should I e-mail support so they can fix my sales #?

Posted at 11:29pm Mar 15, 2008 EDT

It didn't add the two I just agreed to, too.


Posted at 11:31pm Mar 15, 2008 EDT

can't hurt. :)

Posted at 11:31pm Mar 15, 2008 EDT

Mine did but I had to go to "Your Alchemy" and then "Private Request" and then I had to click "Completed" When I did that it showed up in my sold items.

Posted at 11:47pm Mar 15, 2008 EDT

ah!! thanks herflyinghorses!!

Posted at 11:53pm Mar 15, 2008 EDT

It's not obvious. It took me awhile to figure it out.

Posted at 11:55pm Mar 15, 2008 EDT

kfarrell says

Alchemy sales won't show up in your sold item count until you upload pictures and click the "complete" button in the bid. Once you click the "complete" button, the item will appear on your Alchemy page in your shop, your sold items page, and shopping tools like Pounce and Time Machine.

We'll update the FAQs to make this a little clearer. Thanks!

Posted at 12:01am Mar 16, 2008 EDT