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Original Post

I'm a platinum powerseller on eBay and as you may know, lots of sellers are fleeing (or "flea"ing) from eBay who no longer wants to be the world's "flea" market! Does ETSY have an affiliate referral program? If so, I would love to participate!

All the best to you out there,

Posted at 12:05pm Mar 18, 2008 EDT


no, they don't

Posted at 12:20pm Mar 18, 2008 EDT

No, we are all treated the same. Individual artists with our own shops.

Posted at 12:27pm Mar 18, 2008 EDT

Marmalady says

welcome to etsy ! hope you enjoy selling here

Selling on etsy is different to selling on ebay so please be sure to read the do's and don'ts of what you can sell here, and also make sure you change out all references to "auctions" and "bids" in your item listings

Posted at 12:33pm Mar 18, 2008 EDT

Welcome to Etsy! Best of luck to you here. This is a site for all things handmade, along with some vintage and supplies, so please keep your listings to those items only. If you haven't already done, please read through the Help section:

We are in no way affiliated with Ebay. Some new people like to state what some of their feedback was on Ebay in their Profile, just to encourage buyers that they are legit. It's not necessary though.

Posted at 12:38pm Mar 18, 2008 EDT

AMjewelry says

Hi. Welcome. What does it mean to be a powerseller on Ebay? When are you opening your Etsy shop?

Posted at 12:39pm Mar 18, 2008 EDT

In case anyone's wondering what an affiliate is, it's basically a link you post on your website and earn commissions when someone links through your website and buys something from the link.

Some people earn a lot of money that way. I earned $75.00 once when someone bought web hosting through my Netfirms link on my website.

It has nothing to do with any realtionship (or affiliation) to eBay in any way. So no, Etsy does not have an affiliate program.

Posted at 1:52pm Mar 18, 2008 EDT

Who else thinks Etsy needs an affiliate program? I do!

Posted at 9:23am Jun 26, 2008 EDT

7heather says

I do. This is the reason I signed up, hoping that I could sell Etsy products through my website and make a commission while also helping you guys to sell more of your product. I have a pagan/spiritual site. If you have products that you think would be good for that, I'd like to hear from you.

Bright Blessings,
Everything Under the Moon

Posted at 5:12pm Oct 22, 2008 EDT
"We are pleased to announce the addition of an Invite a Friend feature to Etsy. Registered Etsy members can now send an email to a friend or contact, inviting them to check out Etsy. Eventually, this new feature will tie into a referral program. For now, please help us by telling all your friends about Etsy in a quick and easy way and watch the number of referrals that have become registered Etsy members because of you grow straight from Your Etsy!

You may have noticed a few changes to the look of the top right of your Etsy screen! We have added an additional text link between Help and Logout called Invite."

Posted at 5:37pm Oct 22, 2008 EDT