What is a good RETURN POLICY????

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Original Post

tymeout says

OK.. just read a previous post... and realised that I don't have a return policy in place. Could I get some suggestions and guidelines that you think work and are fair? Thanks a million!

Posted at 6:58pm Mar 19, 2008 EDT


Everyone's is different. Some people have all sales final, some have certain terms and conditions.

Posted at 6:59pm Mar 19, 2008 EDT

you can look at mine if you like in my profile

Posted at 6:59pm Mar 19, 2008 EDT

Here's mine:
These dolls are my babies and I want to send them to happy homes so if you wish to return a doll for some reason you may do so as long as you contact me with in 2 weeks. I will refund your payment (minus shipping charges) as long as the doll is returned in the same condition it was shipped.

Posted at 7:00pm Mar 19, 2008 EDT

RegalBeads says

you can look at mine if you want to ;) I don't mind.

Posted at 7:01pm Mar 19, 2008 EDT

tymeout says

thank you! I'm off to look... i like your description a lot fairiesnest : )

Posted at 7:03pm Mar 19, 2008 EDT

limamike says

LOL, when I first read that, I thought the title was, "What good is a return policy" . Considering the whole Paypal, etc issue, I often wonder if our return policies matter?

Posted at 7:03pm Mar 19, 2008 EDT

eavesdrop says

Well, I think it depends on what your product is... For custom work, I don't know if I would accept returns at all. Unless, of course, the item arrives damaged and/or falls apart within the first few days. But then again, is it bad to not accept returns at all?

My return policy is short and sweet and essentially states that returns will only be accepted if the item arrives damaged and/or was grossly misrepresented in the desription. It's so hard b/c since the buyers aren't able to touch it before they buy it, it's really anyone's guess... Sigh.

Posted at 7:03pm Mar 19, 2008 EDT

What is a good return policy?

One that never gets utilized ;)

Posted at 7:04pm Mar 19, 2008 EDT

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