Telling the difference between opalite and moonstone

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Original Post

I have a tear-drop shaped pendant. A long time ago, I was told the stone is a rainbow moonstone. But I have also been told it is just opalite/opalized glass. How does one tell the difference? I've looked at pictures of rainbow moonstone and opalite, and it seems like it could be either one.

Posted at 3:40 pm Mar 20, 2008 EDT


Opalite is a manmade glass, made to look like opal!

Opal I believe is more opqaue, opalite looks more like glass with the opal sheen in it.

Check out this gem index, it explains in more detail and has pictures:

Posted at 4:25 pm Mar 20, 2008 EDT

Oop - sorry, you were asking about moonstone! Doh. Any moonstone I've seen is also more opaque than opalite.

More info on Moonstone here:

Posted at 4:27 pm Mar 20, 2008 EDT

Moonstone is natural (a particular type of feldspar). Opalite is manmade.

Posted at 4:30 pm Mar 20, 2008 EDT

Alesi says

this is opalite

this is moonstone

Opalite is white and milky and depending on how the light hits it it can have a blue shade or an orangy yellow one

moonstone's flash is blue and is more opaque.

Posted at 4:31 pm Mar 20, 2008 EDT

lushbeads says

Stone tends to feel cooler to the touch than glass will, when you first pick it up. So the moonstone would feel cooler than the opalite would.

Do you have a photo posted on Flickr we could look at?

Posted at 4:32 pm Mar 20, 2008 EDT

If you have a photo of it we can probably tell you. Opalite can look very different from rainbow moonstone.

Posted at 7:05 pm Mar 20, 2008 EDT

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