Fine Art Prints - how to make them!

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Whoa! That is just one of most amazing and artistically generous posts I have EVER read!

Thank you so very much for sharing all your research and hard-earned experience with everyone!

Posted at 8:21pm Mar 20, 2008 EDT

Thank your soooooooo much for this awesome information! I so appreciate you sharing your experience with us.

Posted at 9:40pm Mar 20, 2008 EDT

Excellent post, thanks!

Posted at 9:45pm Mar 20, 2008 EDT

...want to explain again why your work is NOT a reproduction?

Posted at 9:56pm Mar 20, 2008 EDT

Thank you for all the info, great!

Posted at 10:02pm Mar 20, 2008 EDT

trudette says

thanks , great info !

Posted at 10:08pm Mar 20, 2008 EDT

awesome your work also

Posted at 10:12pm Mar 20, 2008 EDT

mitsel8 says

I really appreciate this info!!!
Thank you.

Posted at 11:11pm Mar 20, 2008 EDT

THANKS SO MUCH. I have been searching forever to find all this info.

Posted at 11:26pm Mar 20, 2008 EDT

Thanks a bunch! I'm totally bookmarking for future reference.

Posted at 11:30pm Mar 20, 2008 EDT

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