Do You Want a Treasury? Newbie Advice

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Original Post

Winklepots says

I don't normally start posts, but thought I'd share my treasury two cents to those new to Etsy who may not know where to look for treasury help.
There's a great article on the treasury page, in the bottom right corner by sweetest pea.
There are hundreds of treasuries at any given time and they're always expiring. In order to snag a treasury, the total number of lists (it's in the top left or bottom left) has to drop below 333. Once there are 332 lists, a box will open at the bottom of the screen where you enter in your treasury title. I advise that you already have it copied so that you only need to paste it in the box and click on "Create." You've got to be quick. There are a lot of people waiting for the treasuries to open.

First create a pre-treasury in a Poster Sketch

Select the items you want to put in your treasury by doing a search and clicking on the item. Copy the listings id either under "additional info" to the right of the listing of by selecting the numbers at the end of the url. Post the number in your poster sketch and hit okay. Once you've filled in all of the places (you have 12 features and 4 alternates for a total of 16). You can then drag and drop to arrange how you'd like the treasury to look. Your sketch will automatically save and all the listings will be there unless you click on "clear all."

So, now you have your treasury and you want to make it live. Go to the main treasury and sort the lists by expiration so that your viewing the ones expiring soon. Count back to where they should expire at list 333 and use the time left as a gauge of when you need to check back in. Be back at least a half hour before then because guaranteed, some people have prematurely expired their lists in order to get a new one.

When you're waiting for the treasury to open DO NOT refresh your browser, you'll miss it. The treasury automatically updates every few minutes, or you can click on the page number 1 to refresh.

Once you snag your treasury, open your Poster Sketch in another screen and copy/paste all of your listings. (There working on a way to make it automated).

Don't forget to click on each of your 12 listings, once your treasury is created. In order to make your list "hot" you need views and clicks. So help yourself get to the "hot" list by clicking away! :o)

You can only have one treasury in the main treasury and one in treasury west. If you get two, they'll likely both be deleted by an admin. Just fyi.

Good luck!

Here are the treasury links...

Main Treasury

Treasury West (demo treasury but works the same)

Poster Sketch

Hope this is helpful to someone. Feel free to add your two cents if I missed something. :o)

Posted at 1:10am Mar 23, 2008 EDT


Waterrose says

Winklepots that's a great tutorial on how to make a treasury.

Posted at 1:12am Mar 23, 2008 EDT

Winklepots says

Oh and Treasury West opens when the lists drop below 222. Just fyi. :o)

Posted at 1:12am Mar 23, 2008 EDT

Winklepots says

Sorry for the typos! :oP

Posted at 1:14am Mar 23, 2008 EDT

Thank you for the information

Posted at 1:21am Mar 23, 2008 EDT

khues says

That's great stuff to know! Thanks so much for sharing!

Posted at 2:01am Mar 23, 2008 EDT

Winklepots says

One more thing, it's the luck of the draw when it comes to your own expiration date. You'll either get 2 or 3 days (and some odd hours). This it to ensure that the treasury is always expiring at different times and not all at once.
Encourage others to check out your treasury. Clicks and comments make it "hot." :o) Well, that and a frontpage feature. If you make it there, you have "arrived!"

Posted at 2:12am Mar 23, 2008 EDT

PussDaddy says

Treasury west will open up in about 40 minutes.

Posted at 2:17am Mar 23, 2008 EDT

PussDaddy says

25 minutes.

Posted at 2:35am Mar 23, 2008 EDT

PussDaddy says

Yay! I snagged one!

Posted at 3:53am Mar 23, 2008 EDT