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Original Post

Hi everyone!

I am starting a blog exchange and looking for more sellers to feature.


I have a List section on my blog that provides a direct link to your shop or blog. I will add your name and link to my blog for others to visit. You also link me to your blog as well (a blog/shop exchange).


If you are interested, please link me to your blog and post your blog link as well. I am adding names as they show up.

I have done this in the past and according to my blogpatrol states, traffic increased 50% in a matter or hours.

I blogged about this a while back, but still find it useful to share since it lists all the free sites and ways to help you in the blogging process. Please visit this link for more information.

Posted at 2:23pm Mar 23, 2008 EDT


Mine is

I'm going to add you to mine right now.

Posted at 2:26pm Mar 23, 2008 EDT

elleabelle says

I would like to exchange links too...
I will also check out other people who post here and yours to mine...if you will add mine to yours...

I will check back later as well!!

Posted at 2:28pm Mar 23, 2008 EDT

Doing both now! give me about 2 minutes!

Posted at 2:30pm Mar 23, 2008 EDT

Putting a link up on mine right now :)

Posted at 2:31pm Mar 23, 2008 EDT

Got you both down! Thanks for participating!

Posted at 2:32pm Mar 23, 2008 EDT

Torch.. I have you! THAnks ... that picture is awesome on your blog BTW!

Posted at 2:34pm Mar 23, 2008 EDT

TotusMel says

I've added you to mine, here's mine

Posted at 2:36pm Mar 23, 2008 EDT

I'd lover to exchange links, BUT how do I put your link on my blog site--where exactly do I put it?

Convo me on this.

Thank you

Posted at 2:36pm Mar 23, 2008 EDT

wychbury says

Hi, adding everyone now!

Posted at 2:38pm Mar 23, 2008 EDT