I am going to my first "real" Craft Fair... Any Tips?

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Original Post

So I am going to my first real craft/art fair. I have done some small ones before and such, but I am worried about looking like an amature, which I sort of am. I do not have an official sign, or display... I DO have business cards and fun things to sell.

I know to sell things at a variety of prices and have some low priced things for those who feel like they have to buy something.

I am only going to take cash or checks (since I am not set up for credit cards)... It is a weird border between business and hobby.

Any suggestions for me for this weekend? THANKS!

Posted at 9:46pm Mar 24, 2008 EDT


I have my first one toom, this Sat. My only advice, from selling at other venues, is just relax, display your stuff so it is showcased...have a sign-in book. Perhaps offer coupons for future purchases.

You can have a drawing, based on the names in the register, and someone can win XYZ. That incentivizes people to actually sign in.

Good luck!

Posted at 9:49pm Mar 24, 2008 EDT

I can't even type...my first one, too on Sat.

Posted at 9:49pm Mar 24, 2008 EDT

Have fun, don't stress about sales, it is better to stand and greet people. Don't read a book or look gloomy. Smile and enjoy!

Posted at 9:49pm Mar 24, 2008 EDT

elanknits says

Take water & lunch & have a friend drop by to relieve you at some point so you can use a bathroom.

Posted at 9:51pm Mar 24, 2008 EDT

Chat with the other vendors--they'll likely know some other good shows in your area--and take a picture of your booth so that you've got one when you need to apply to a show that requires one.

Posted at 9:54pm Mar 24, 2008 EDT

Set up your items at various heights, and don't crowd your space with too much stuff. I usually bring along a work in progress in case there are lulls...I hope you do well! :)

Posted at 9:56pm Mar 24, 2008 EDT

Take kleenex or toilet paper.....the bathrooms run out quickly. :D
Have lots of fun and bountiful sales!

Posted at 9:57pm Mar 24, 2008 EDT


bring baby wipes!!!!
best advice I ever got...just passing it along:)

Posted at 9:57pm Mar 24, 2008 EDT

good luck from one beginner to another! i've signed up for the local farmers market starting in may and i'm already freaking a bit :) i don't think you'll look like an amateur at all! just have fun.

Posted at 10:00pm Mar 24, 2008 EDT