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Original Post

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Etsy Mini Blog"></a>

The ultimate shopping blog for handmade Etsy sellers :
check out the MiniBlog!

Code above is for the link badge/button seen here:

Posted at 10:16am Mar 26, 2008 EDT


I was just added. Thanks so much!

Posted at 10:20am Mar 26, 2008 EDT

dottyral says

You can see the miniblog button in action on my blog...

It's on the sidebar and links directly to the miniblog.

Once you've linked up to the miniblog, be sure to leave a comment here so we can link back to your blog.

Glad to have you ABlond!

Posted at 12:02pm Mar 26, 2008 EDT

dottyral says

Oh, if you're participating in our Blog Challenges....

Blog Challenge 1 - Link to Us -
After you've published a link to the miniblog, leave a comment with your blog or website link and etsy username here...
First 20 people win great exposure!

Blog Challenge 2 - Write about to Us -
After you've written up a feature, leave a comment with the name of your blog/site, the URL, and your Etsy shop username here...
This one ends April 9th. Huge exposure possibility.

Follow the links to read all of the details and leave your comments there (not here) to officially enter. Be sure to read and follow the rules.

Good luck!

Posted at 4:59pm Mar 26, 2008 EDT

I've added it to my blog! Is this all I need to do?

Posted at 3:53pm Mar 27, 2008 EDT

DelightfullySimple~ did you post your information on the contest page on the MiniBlog?

make sure you do that!

Posted at 12:27am Mar 28, 2008 EDT