Anybody interested in starting an Etsy Wedding Street Team?

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Original Post

Middleburg says

This really came from a thread I was doing last night. And have thought more about it and think it would be a good marketing tool for my shop.

I have just a few wedding pieces but am working on 4 new cake toppers and a new paper line just for weddings. This would be a section in my shop, like a holiday.

I've been in this industry before as a event florist and know it's a good high-dollar (but high demand) industry.

I have read a bit about starting a team, seems like you need a few shops to start it.

Any interest?

Posted at 10:40am Mar 26, 2008 EDT


mbeasoap says

Count me in! I have no idea how it works but you can let me know. I currently do favors and am starting on bridesmaid gifts and welcom baskets.

Posted at 10:41am Mar 26, 2008 EDT

I would like to! I only have a few bridal things listed, but I would love to do more.
There's just something about weddings! =)

Posted at 10:42am Mar 26, 2008 EDT

That cake topper you have featured is so cute!
I wish Etsy had been around when I got married!

Posted at 10:44am Mar 26, 2008 EDT

I would be interested. I sell origami flowers and have made a few custom wedding orders (some outside of Etsy), and hope to do many more! :)

Posted at 10:46am Mar 26, 2008 EDT

I have been thinking about it too.. I don't qualify for the Etsy Paper team.

Posted at 10:52am Mar 26, 2008 EDT

Middleburg says

Ok, were off to a good start. Any body else?

Posted at 10:52am Mar 26, 2008 EDT

Middleburg says

charmingpaper --Why? You make invitations?

Posted at 10:54am Mar 26, 2008 EDT

Middleburg says

I see some other wedding related threads. Anybody interested in being in this team?

Posted at 11:08am Mar 26, 2008 EDT

This is interesting...

Posted at 11:09am Mar 26, 2008 EDT