Ebay is bad, Etsy is good!

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As unhappy with eBay as I am, I get many more sales there on my handmade clothing. Here I mostly sell crochet ebooks. They each have different customer bases.

My advice? Sell in as many different venues you can handle.

Good luck to all!

Posted at 11:36 pm Mar 26, 2008 EDT

Etsy is an absolute delight in its own right. I really do dislike ebay; it gets worse all the time too.

Posted at 11:38 pm Mar 26, 2008 EDT

moonwild says

I had seven good years on ebay, but will no longer sell art there. The tiny and cheap art took over and pretty well wiped out the art market.Along with the rising fees and their change to a big business site was enough for me.
I have been selling on etsy for about 6 weeks and am really happy with the system, community and buyers.

Posted at 11:44 pm Mar 26, 2008 EDT

i have been ok on ebay. sadly i sell mostly hats and with the warmer weather approching the US, hat season is dieing out for now. I do ship internationaly on ebay, but its not enough to pay the high fees. i havent sold anything on there in a while and i stopped listing cause of it. mostly ebay was about timing it for when you listing woudl end. i have only sold one thing since i came here but im in the process of making new summer/spring items. the only things i have up are my leftovers from ebay that didnt sell.

i like etsy alot better. lower fees. easyer to use.

Posted at 11:46 pm Mar 26, 2008 EDT

My mother makes lampwork beads and used to do well on ebay, but found it slowed considerably in the past two months. Lately it seems overrun with chinese lampwork which sells for really low prices, lower than the glass it takes to make a bead.

Posted at 11:54 pm Mar 26, 2008 EDT

I have been on ebay for 3 yars and the recent changes made me look outside the ebay sand box and I signed up with lots of the other venues. I like etsy. I'd like to have more sales here. I think we all need to promote etsy. The reason we sell more on ebay is because they are much better known and they have more buyers. I agree the system for finding things here needs improvement. There are other things I would like to see here. Google Checkout needs to be an option for buyers not just through other. Ebay owns paypal and I have heard plenty of horror stories about paypal. It need to be an option, not the dominant pay option here.

Posted at 12:28 am Mar 27, 2008 EDT

JewelsRule says

I watched earrings on ebay for a few weeks to see what was selling. NO HAND MADE items were selling. And this was around Christmas...!!! Looked pretty commercial to me. So why should I list on ebay just to get a load of stress dumped on me.
Have any of you received e-mails from eBay about their one-cent listing fee? and the big deal they are offering? I think they are back peddaling big time.

Posted at 12:48 am Mar 27, 2008 EDT

I came from ebay to Etsy. I like Etsy so much better, mainly because I know the people who find my items came to Etsy because they wanted to buy something unique and DIY. It seems that on ebay people are becoming more and more frugal and after a bargain rather than a unique item.

I love the design and functionality of Etsy, compared to feebay - well there really is no comparison.

And I love the people!

Posted at 4:00 am Mar 27, 2008 EDT

kibbles says

I do very well on eBay(11+ yrs) with my handmade items and I'm finally getting some sales here too. They're both very different sites.

Posted at 4:07 am Mar 27, 2008 EDT

mllamb47 says

I do well on eBay, but it has taken three years of consistent hard work to build a niche and a reputation there. I feel you need to look at eBay as a different type of market. People are either looking for that niche, and are loyal repeat customers, or they are looking for a bargain. I am disappointed with all the eBay changes, it often feels like swimming up-stream, but my traffic to my eBay store is hard to let go. I usually have between 2 and 3 thousand visits to my store a month! I am trying to branch out. Here and a few other venues. eBay has been prety negative in the last few months, that gets me down sometimes. My group, Art for Critters (which is so near and dear to my heart) is tied to eBay right now in terms of how we run the group, (sales and forums) so I have to hang on to that. Etsy is a wonderful site for unique and handmade. I am even getting a few sales here! So...those are my thoughts.

Posted at 7:13 am Mar 27, 2008 EDT

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