how do you keep silver plate from tarnishing?

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Original Post

IWillFly says

So here is a totally random question. After cleaning the tarnish off of silver plate, what can be done to keep it from tarnishing in the future? Anything?

Posted at 7:58 pm Mar 26, 2008 EDT


if you don't keep it out on display, store it in an airtight bag.

some polishing cloths have an anti-tarnish component that slows the process, but it's going to happen eventually -

Posted at 8:06 pm Mar 26, 2008 EDT

IWillFly says

yeah, mostly I'm concerned about keeping the tarnish off the a headpiece I have with very fiddly little mesh bits that are going to be horrible to clean. I didn't realize an airtight bag would help, thanks!

Posted at 8:14 pm Mar 26, 2008 EDT

excely says

You can also get some anti-tarnish strips to put in the bag.

Posted at 8:22 pm Mar 26, 2008 EDT

If you don't want to polish silver (or silver-plate), store your silver in Pacific silvercloth!

What causes tarnish? Technically, hydrogen sulfide and sulphur dioxide. In other words, sulphur containing compounds in the air. High humidity levels will also accelerate the formation of tarnish. Some examples of tarnish-causing elements include paints, fabrics containing wool or felt, rubber bands, latex gloves, and foods containing eggs, onions, or citrus.

Authentic Pacific Silvercloth is always brown because the embedded silver particles will catch the gases that would otherwise tarnish the silver articles inside.

inexpensive jewelry pouches

Posted at 8:49 pm Mar 26, 2008 EDT

They also have large pouches and Pacific Silvercloth by the yard-

Posted at 8:51 pm Mar 26, 2008 EDT

Keeping oxygen and moisture away is the best thing you can do. I find ordinary ziplock bags or small containers do a very good job.

In terms of cleaning, it sounds like you'd find silver dip far easier, especially for findings - you just throw the pieces into the solution and a few seconds later pull them out and the tarnish should be gone.

Posted at 8:54 pm Mar 26, 2008 EDT

IWillFly says

great ideas everyone!

Posted at 9:10 pm Mar 26, 2008 EDT

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