Jewelry People -FAS 925 Italy Mark?

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Original Post

kathijane says

I just received a lot of vintage jewelry pieces and have a silver (?) bracelet with the mark "FAS 925 Italy". Anyone know what this is?

Posted at 2:49 pm Mar 29, 2008 EDT


.925 is the stamp for sterling silver.
It is .925% silver and .075% copper or nickel or whatever master alloy mix they use.

if it says .999 it is fine silver

Not sure what FAS means but I'm going to stick around to find out.

Posted at 2:52 pm Mar 29, 2008 EDT

kathijane says

I've done a search on the internet, but so far, no luck. Thanks for your reply. I'll be keeping an eye on this post. Hopefully someone can answer the FAS question:)

Posted at 2:54 pm Mar 29, 2008 EDT

I suspect it is the hallmark of the maker in Italy. All silver coming out of Italy must be hallmarked

Posted at 2:57 pm Mar 29, 2008 EDT

Maybe those are the initials of the maker. Just a guess :o)

Posted at 2:57 pm Mar 29, 2008 EDT

Welcome... I should know the answer for that but I can't put my finger on it.

Posted at 2:57 pm Mar 29, 2008 EDT

my bet is with starshine, that it's the mark of the maker.
I have rings like that.

Posted at 2:58 pm Mar 29, 2008 EDT

This Wikipedia link may help:

Posted at 3:01 pm Mar 29, 2008 EDT

kathijane says

Thanks all.

Posted at 3:08 pm Mar 29, 2008 EDT

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