Creative Challenge #92

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Original Post

Here's the rules. Anyone is allowed to participate, but please, only post something new that you have created for the challenge.

This week's challenge idea is to be inspired by Scheherezade and 1001 Arabian nights. You can be inspired by any of the stories and create something from it.

I was actually inspired to use this idea by

I thought it was such an amazing idea to use. It is one of their shows for this month so if you're a member I urge you to enter it when done. Here's the link to their explanation/show:

I'm going to give an extra week to complete this challenge so I will not post a new challenge until Monday, April 14th, though this is not a deadline.

Posted at 5:40pm Apr 1, 2008 EDT


I apologize again for being so late. I've gotten very busy here dealing with a lot of house/neighbor problems. I'm going to take care of this so I won't be late from now on.

Posted at 5:42pm Apr 1, 2008 EDT

Oh, this one will be challenging and fun! I think I'll need to ponder this one a little though.

Posted at 6:11pm Apr 1, 2008 EDT

dsbrennan says

ooh, very interesting challenge. hmmm...

Posted at 8:05pm Apr 1, 2008 EDT

Ooh! Fun!

Posted at 8:34pm Apr 1, 2008 EDT

nancygamon says

Holy cat daddy. That's one heck of a theme!

Posted at 9:15pm Apr 1, 2008 EDT

heronkate says

Oh good, extra time ! I'd like to do this one !

Posted at 9:45pm Apr 1, 2008 EDT

lol. I know, Nancy, but when I saw it on EBSQ, I totally knew we had to do it for a challenge. I love fables and those kind of stories. Scheherezade and a 1001 Arabian nights has so many things that can be inspirational. I think it's going to be fun but could be tough hence the extra week.

Here's a couple of links I found to some of the stories:
(I spent half the night reading the stories on that link)

Maybe that will help. I really hope we can get a few people to participate. I would love to see as many stories as possible show up.

Posted at 10:11pm Apr 1, 2008 EDT

I can see I'm going to need the full 2 weeks for this one!

Btw-Thanks Nancy, for the "Modern Love" title for my box--I'm going to use it!

Posted at 9:40am Apr 2, 2008 EDT

birose says

Marking this so I can find it. Haven't done any of the challenges lately but I still want to. Good to have two weeks though as us US people have to get taxes done if we are procrastinators like me! LOL!

Posted at 11:17am Apr 2, 2008 EDT