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Original Post

liasaun1 says

I'll start.

All of the insides of my BITCH magazine wallets are pages from Elle Decor magazine, because they just take really pretty pics of ... well, rooms. Best part? I have a free subscription!! (sssh!)

Your turn!

Posted at 1:47am Apr 2, 2008 EDT


99% of my charms come from garage sales :)

Posted at 1:54am Apr 2, 2008 EDT

momomatic says

I'll be following Michelle around all summer long now!

My secret is that sometimes I make my husband help me pick off the glue bits before listing rings.

Posted at 1:56am Apr 2, 2008 EDT

My pictures are not that hard to take. :)

Posted at 1:56am Apr 2, 2008 EDT

If I told, it wouldn't be a secret anymore, would it? ;)

Posted at 1:57am Apr 2, 2008 EDT


Follow the link in my shop profile for our hand crafted items that I don't want to sell on Etsy.

Posted at 1:59am Apr 2, 2008 EDT

lizbee says

i make most of my jewelry while watching cheesy reality shows. aka - project runway, make me a supermodel, top model, what not to wear.... oh how the list could go on....

Posted at 2:00am Apr 2, 2008 EDT

This is fun :)

Posted at 2:02am Apr 2, 2008 EDT

LiciaPots says

My kitty picks out the beads.

Posted at 2:03am Apr 2, 2008 EDT

My boyfriend helps me a lot with my business. We met at one of trunk shows!

Posted at 2:06am Apr 2, 2008 EDT