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Original Post

Hello all!

Looking for that creative Push? Luster and I just met in another forum today (!) and we both realized that we have the same (shame-on-us) bad habit; we collect crafting supplies for projects and then NEVER complete the projects! So we have set a goal for ourselves: we will finish one of our projects (that we already have our supplies for) by friday and we will both blog about it on our own blogs:
& Mine:
Please join in on the fun! Lets' Spring Clean our closets!

Good luck and happy crafting!

Posted at 1:29pm Apr 2, 2008 EDT


Luster says

Oh my gosh!!!!!!! I just served lunch to my little assistant, walked past the "closet", and felt the surge of dread! I really need this kick. I am off for a few to add this info on my blog and put some blame on you there for getting me mixed up in it. I'll post back whe nI am done.

Posted at 2:27pm Apr 2, 2008 EDT

Hahahaa - I know what you to a Doctors' appointment and then I really must get started (I have to admit that I am pretty excited to see what we come-up with though!)

Good luck!

Posted at 2:35pm Apr 2, 2008 EDT

Luster says

Martha..I blamed it ALL on you!

Posted at 2:50pm Apr 2, 2008 EDT

I know - I was just reading it! Thanks!

I just love your blog!

Posted at 3:42pm Apr 2, 2008 EDT

Luster says

HAHA...just realized y our name is Alex...modified my blog so it reads Martha Haskins Martha is not you, but your grammy!

Posted at 4:10pm Apr 2, 2008 EDT

Haha - it's okay, its' my middle name as well, and I actually feel honored to carry her name. (Almost everyone does it on etsy!)

I think its' funny that only you and I are the ones that have posted in one else is willing to try one of their own projects (or no one else hoards supplies like we do!)

Good luck!

Posted at 7:54pm Apr 2, 2008 EDT

linked to you all from the "other thread" am I too late for a creative push? I really need to update my blog.

Posted at 4:29am Apr 3, 2008 EDT

oh, and here's my blog...

Posted at 5:17am Apr 3, 2008 EDT

crap, It's bedtime, thats my shop one ....DUH!

Posted at 5:22am Apr 3, 2008 EDT