Here's an idea: Don't screw your international customers on shipping

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Original Post

DarlingBri says

I am really and truly delighted with the growing number of sellers who are adding international shipping. It's fast, it's easy and it usually costs less than you'd fear.

I have posted a lot of replies to sellers concerned that if they charged the whole $8 or whatever that an item actually costs to send overseas, nobody would buy it. I've always said that shipping charges are less of a concern to those of us not paying in US$ and that the seller should go ahead and charge the full price for the shipping.

But I KNOW what the true shipping is. And I'm also starting to notice the number of people who are having a laugh with their international shipping charges.

Yesterday, it was $10 to ship a crochet type item that would happily squish down to the size and weight of a pair of socks. Today it's $10 to ship a single tea-towel like product. I've already bought two of those from another seller, and I KNOW that two cost $2.60 to send. There's no way one costs $10, even if it's insured by Lloyd's of London.

These sellers are either a) screwing international customers on purpose, b) just guessing, or c) sending items over seas wrapped in gold leaf instead of tissue paper.

Needless to say, don't do any of the above. Please, please weigh your item, price it for shipment to the UK or Australia, and enter a fair and accurate price into Everywhere Else. It really isn't that hard.

I'm not going to convo you about your shipping price; I'm already put off and suspicious of you as a seller.

I'm just going to buy from someone else.

Posted at 11:15pm Apr 2, 2008 EDT


What form of shipping are you using to ship overseas for $2.60??
The last time I sent an item it was $22.00. and the best price is flat rate envelope for 9.00 if the item can be squeezed in.

Posted at 11:22pm Apr 2, 2008 EDT

artisanwoodcrafting avatar
artisanwoodcrafting says

well with all the international packages that get lost, could be self-insuring, and its not nice to accuse people of screwing others- unless you can back it up of course- and even then accusations dont belong here

Posted at 11:23pm Apr 2, 2008 EDT

quirkybags says

If you want to be covered by PayPal's seller protection (US, UK and Canada), you have to ship with delivery confirmation. I've researched it and it didn't appear as though I could ship for less than $12 or so.

Posted at 11:23pm Apr 2, 2008 EDT

Hi Darling, sorry this has happened to you. My problem is that my items are so large and bulky, and somewhat heavy - it can cost hugely varying amounts to ship to Europe than to Asia or Australia. I just set a price, and refund the difference if I wind up overcharging. I say this in my profile, but I'm afraid buyers don't see that part, and just pass over something that I'm charging $25 to ship. I've refunded the difference a couple of times, but more often than not I've had to just eat it because I didn't charge enough. Int'l shipping is definitely a challenge for me, but I'm trying to make it work.

Posted at 11:25pm Apr 2, 2008 EDT

artisanwoodcrafting avatar
artisanwoodcrafting says

if i shipped priority overseas, it would be higher than $12

Posted at 11:25pm Apr 2, 2008 EDT

quirkybags says

I'm sure it would be artisan...I think the $12 was for one of my totes, which fold flat and weigh less than 6 ounces.

Posted at 11:28pm Apr 2, 2008 EDT

choconaut says

this is why international shipping scares me

Posted at 11:28pm Apr 2, 2008 EDT

actually, the bare minimum price to have any form of insurance or delivery confirmation on international shipping is $11 plus the weight charge?

obviously the person who just sent it int'l first class was willing to risk having to replace it or refund your money if it was lost. that doesn't mean that everyone is required to be willing to take that risk.

Posted at 11:29pm Apr 2, 2008 EDT

I hope the majority of sellers are trying their best to charge appropriate/accurate amounts for shipping. I will certainly be willing to refund the difference - if I over charged on shipping. I do weigh my items and use the postal fee chart. I know I am making an effort and I am sure others are as well.

Posted at 11:31pm Apr 2, 2008 EDT