Web Hosts: Pappashop, Merchant Moms or Shoppe Pro?

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Original Post

Sorry, I know web host questions have been asked a million times, but if someone can compare the 3 or have opinions about why/how 1 is better than the other, I would really appreciate it!

Thank you, Thank you!


Posted at 2:08pm Apr 3, 2008 EDT


GemAddict says

I use merchant moms. Their customer setvice is excellent and it's very easy to setup

Posted at 2:13pm Apr 3, 2008 EDT

Thank you, GemAddict! :)

Anyone else?

Posted at 2:18pm Apr 3, 2008 EDT

I've had pappashop ever since their inception. I can't give you comparisons since they're the only hosting service I've ever used.

Posted at 2:22pm Apr 3, 2008 EDT

I tried Pappashop once, but my internet connection wasn't compatible with their Cpanel, so I could only build my site I couldn't see my stats or anything like that.

My internet connection as change since and if someday I want a site of my own I will probably go with them again.

Posted at 2:24pm Apr 3, 2008 EDT


Are the templates from Pappashop easy to customize?

Posted at 3:14pm Apr 3, 2008 EDT

Hi! I have just found this forum regarding Pappashop and am having a HORRIBLE expeieince with them! First off, over 1500+ e-mail contact and e-mail settings were randomly deleted from my acct due to a server problem on thier part. I was told that I must have gone in and done this myself and I would have to pay $25.00 to restore it to get my own info back that I did not delete! The customer service has been horrible and going back and forth through support tickets when this could have been settled like adults through one phone call!
Although they offer 3 different types of e-mail account programs in thier packages when you sign up, this is the response I received from the unhelpful Jocelyn:
PappaShop does not offer Roundcube to its customers. PappaShop offers the Content Management System to its customers to manage their website. Anything found in CPanel is offered by the company who created CPanel. ALL software found in Cpanel such as email programs and Fantastico programs are 3rd party software that we did not write. Therefore we cannot be responsible for what happens when you use those programs. Each program found in there has its own website with its own support system. Its hard to say what Roundcube offers since we are not that company. You also have the choice of using Horde or Squirrel Mail (again, 3rd party software).

Its a good idea to keep your own backup of your address book by exporting it to a notepad file as an added security measure should anything happen in the future.

So, NOT once have they apologized or even taken any type of responsibility, but just passing it onto others with NO help to get my e-mail contacts back!

Even with asking them to take a look at thier own Restore Fee wording that says "To have your website restored from our most recent backup purchase this option. This could be a backup from within the last 24 hours, one week ago or further back. Any changes you have made to your site since our last backup will be lost." I am still not able to get them back because they LOVE to play the support ticket game and lose precious time!

I am very dissatisfied with the whole situation and how the customer service has handled this!

I hope that you all take a look at your e-mails and never have this same problem!

Posted at 2:17pm Feb 24, 2010 EST

zhanga says

Am use InMotion and am stuck in a 1 year contract. Not recommanding it.

Posted at 2:39pm Feb 24, 2010 EST

WallCakes says

I had signed up to MerchantMoms last year and while the customer service was great, I didn't realize how expensive having a custom template made would be.

You can use one of their off the shelf templates, but they were, well...

I shelved the idea of having my own website for a while, but am now starting one up using a hosted wordpress theme.

There are incredible themes out there for not much $$ and they can be customized or used as is. There are some with shopping carts built in or you can use a shopping cart plug-in.

This option is way, way less expensive than hiring someone to do up a template for you. The monthly fee for hosting can be as low as $5/mnth.

It's another alternative to having your own website that I know I overlooked. Good luck!

Posted at 2:46pm Feb 24, 2010 EST

Hi, the three systems you are asking about are all pretty much the same system, they are just branded by their respective owners and their own personal touch.
I host two sites with Merchant Moms. You will not find better customer support anywhere else out there.
I have had much experience with Pappashop and honestly do not recommend them. As a previous responder has mentioned, their customer support leaves way to much to be desired.
I have had experience with ShoppePro through various clients of mine and have never heard anything negative about them in any way, although I have not hosted with them personally.

As for the designs for the cart systems, yes a Custom Design can go up there in price, however there are many designers, myself included that do have templates available for as low as 25.00, possibly even lower for some designers.

Posted at 9:19pm Feb 22, 2011 EST