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Original Post

AlwaysAmy says

Okay, we aren't allowed to SU links here in the Business forum & the Promo forum just eats things up so fast it's not worth the time.

I for one was getting good view results & some sales from using SU. & I know there are lots of you out there who are stumblers.

So I was thinking was if we made a mailing list? It wouldn't grow as fast but it would still work.

Everyone could email me their links & their email address. I would make a master list of all the stuff to be stumbled. Then I could email the master link to everyone.

We could do it once a week so you wouldn't be getting spam email all the time. We could let people add no more then a certain number of links. & we could advertise in the forums to keep new people signing up for the list.

What do you think? Anyone think this would work? Anyone still want to stumble? I'm just trying to figure out a way for us to use this tool to build our shops & not have to deal with the promo forums because it's a mess.

We could do just pass on the links every week & everyone could stumble them.

Posted at 5:43pm Apr 3, 2008 EDT


Sounds cool!

Posted at 5:46pm Apr 3, 2008 EDT

AlwaysAmy says

No one else? I hope it wasn't a flash in the pan Advertising thing. It really worked for me. :(

Posted at 5:50pm Apr 3, 2008 EDT

I think this is a great idea, anyone else?

Posted at 12:01pm Apr 6, 2008 EDT

miyaw says

I'm up for this! I love to stumble

Posted at 12:04pm Apr 6, 2008 EDT

not to rain on your parade, 'cuase I love free marketing but... you can pay .o5 cents per a stumble click, for those who don't have lots of time to stumble and be stumbled. You can use it as a good source for paid advertising iit's even cheaper than adwords and tracks how many times you've been stumbled and who likes your site.

Posted at 12:05pm Apr 6, 2008 EDT

I like the idea

Posted at 12:05pm Apr 6, 2008 EDT

AlwaysAmy says

Wow, this is back up, huh? I thought no one wanted to do it. :) Well, I'm still up for it. Convo me if you are interested.

Posted at 12:08pm Apr 6, 2008 EDT

farfelue says

im up for it ^_^

Posted at 12:13pm Apr 6, 2008 EDT

I think it's a fantastic idea. I'll send you a convo now!

Posted at 12:54pm Apr 6, 2008 EDT