stamping or engraving jewelry tags?

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Original Post

I ordered some metal jewelry tags and would love to have my shop name stamped or engraved on them. Does anyone know of anyone who does this or how I could get this done. I would only need the stamping or engraving done, as I already have the tags. Also, how much would something like this cost to have done?

Posted at 1:22am Apr 5, 2008 EDT


I would say list it on alchemy. There are a lot of people on Etsy who use metal stamps that would probably be willing to stamp your tags. That's the only suggestion I have at the moment.

Posted at 1:27am Apr 5, 2008 EDT

There's a company that makes these sort of things. You can see the article for them here: I think it would involve you getting their size tags though. Otherwise, you could get yourself your own set of letters and stamp them. It's not too difficult, depending upon how hard your tags are.

Posted at 1:33am Apr 5, 2008 EDT

Metaluna says

You can have a custom stamp made and stamp them yourself. Here are some companies that make them:

Posted at 1:36am Apr 5, 2008 EDT

DBeadery says

This is a big help! Thank you!


Posted at 2:16am Apr 5, 2008 EDT

This company makes them too. They are super nice:

Posted at 2:25am Apr 5, 2008 EDT

thanks for all the help!

Posted at 9:21pm Apr 5, 2008 EDT

sudlow says

If you want simple tags I can do these too-

Posted at 9:58pm Apr 5, 2008 EDT

Spincus says

It is a bit late for you but I make custom, sterling silver tags meant to stay on the work.

Posted at 10:02pm Apr 5, 2008 EDT

rheta says

I had Rio Grande make me a custom stamp with my initials on them. Stamping is cheaper than engraving in the long run. You can see my stamp in some of my pictures if you'd like. I'm really happy with it. Allow a few weeks for them to make you one though.

Posted at 9:24am Apr 6, 2008 EDT