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Original Post

I recently changed my banner here on Etsy and wanted to do the same for my blog. Can anyone recommend a good size for a blog?

Please and thank you!

Posted at 10:02am Apr 5, 2008 EDT


I meant to post this under Business, sorry.

Posted at 10:03am Apr 5, 2008 EDT

goodfeets says

It look like you are using blogger's Minima Template. The maximum width of its header is 660 pixels. There may be some default margins, so you might have to make it a bit smaller than that.

Alternately, when uploading your banner, you can just click the "shrink to fit" check box and blogger should make it the proper size.

Posted at 10:13am Apr 5, 2008 EDT

Thanks Alicia, I like how the 760 looks. I'll play with the other part to get my info in.

thank you goodfeets, I'll look for the shrink to fit.

Posted at 10:15am Apr 5, 2008 EDT

JJMFinance says

You can check out my blogger banner. . . I just used the same file I use for my shop. . . it made me have to put some text, so I used a comma, and changed the color of the comma to the background of my banner.

Posted at 10:16am Apr 5, 2008 EDT

I changed mine, here it is if your interested in seeing it.

I checked yours out too JJMFinance.

Posted at 10:30am Apr 5, 2008 EDT

I've wanted to put a banner on my blog and don't know how yet. Do you just upload a banner-sized photo into the title spot? I didn't see how to add an image. In the meantime I'm going to check out the banners mentioned above. Sizing is no problem to me, nor is adding text, just the uploading part.

Posted at 10:36am Apr 5, 2008 EDT

femputer says

sewlutions--it looks like it's about 10 px too wide for your header. :)

Posted at 10:36am Apr 5, 2008 EDT

femputer says

It looks like it should be 650px wide based on your template's code.

Posted at 10:36am Apr 5, 2008 EDT