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nkpdesigns says

...Jumping in here ....

Very cool Ceramic Whistle competition for those who can do things up fancy-like.

Posted at 2:49pm Apr 10, 2008 EDT

Hi, I'm new to esty mud and wanted to introduce myself! check me out, give me feedback, say hey, whatever!

Posted at 3:00pm Apr 10, 2008 EDT

JNpottery says

Welcome Indigo...I already gave you a heart. I love your chip & dip!

Posted at 3:02pm Apr 10, 2008 EDT

JNpottery says

treasury west in about 15 minutes...or less.

Posted at 3:07pm Apr 10, 2008 EDT

MaidOfClay says

Jim - I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your dog. I wish pets could stay with us longer.

Posted at 3:08pm Apr 10, 2008 EDT

juditavill says

You talkin' to me?
(very NJ of me don't you think?)
if so...thanks bushels.
NPK- I like that "do things up fancy-like."

I took a walk and hve some nice clay ideas now...we will see if I can or do execute them.

In about an hour I'll be picking up what's left over from the show...
Every body envision an empty car!

Posted at 3:20pm Apr 10, 2008 EDT

Hi IndigoRain - I popped in to a thread of yours earlier today. We potters stick together on Etsy, even though we are a feisty bunch! Welcome!

Posted at 3:22pm Apr 10, 2008 EDT

Hi Indigo, welcome to the team!
I just checked out your shop....would love to know the sizes of your wonderful bowls.

Posted at 3:29pm Apr 10, 2008 EDT

lbegley says

I got an error when I tried to look at the link... probably because I sold some pots from my studio and deleted the postings.... Thanks for complimenting whatever it was.... Always nice to hear a talented clay person enjoys something I made!
Back to the deleted listing... Do y'all sell pots at open studios, shows, etc that you have on Etsy? I'm always happy to make a sale, but I also get nervous that I'll come home to delete the listing and someone will have bought the item (not likely, but still)... plus it seems like a waste of hearts and such. What is proper etsy etiquette there?

Posted at 3:32pm Apr 10, 2008 EDT

Hi Indogo! Welcome to the team. Your pieces are very nice!

Posted at 3:40pm Apr 10, 2008 EDT