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Original Post

Hey so I know die cut machines have been discussed a few times already, but I'm coming from a little bit of a different angle.

Does anyone know the best die cut machine for cutting chipboard? I want to vomit when I think of how much money I've wasted in buying packs of chipboard letters for my projects. I only use about 10 different letters and when those are gone, I have to buy a new pack. SOOOOO, obviously I need to invest in a machine that I can use to cut the letters and I only need to buy the chipboard.

Any advice? Thanks in advance!

Posted at 7:28pm Apr 8, 2008 EDT


luv4sams says

Do you have a local scrapbook store that has a diecut machine? I go to my local hardware store that has an awesome scrapbook section - if you buy the materials (like paper or chipboard) at the store you can use the machine for free.

Posted at 7:30pm Apr 8, 2008 EDT

pheebly says

From what I looked into when I bought my machine, the heavy duty hitters are your best bet for cutting chipboard. These include the original Sizzix, Bigkick, and Cuttlebug. I believe the new Quikutz will cut through chipboard too, but don't quote me on that.

Cutting chipboard was the number one priority for me when I looked into a die-cutter. After months of research, I decided on the Cuttlebug for a few reasons. 1) The machine itself is economical. I got mine at JoAnn's for $50. 2) It accepts all other major brands of dies. So I don't have to be limited to the Cuttlebug dies. You do have to do different "sandwichs" with the other dies but nothing that is hard or costs more. There are no additions or converters to purchase to cut other dies. And the third and most important to me, it cuts chipboard!

All that being said, do your research. What is the average price for the machine? What are the average prices for the dies? Does it accept other brands dies? Is it heavy? (Maybe not an issue for you, but for some portability and storage are big concerns.) Remember, no matter the brand of die-cutter, alphabet dies are crazy expensive. And some dies will not cut through chipboard -Cuttlekids (new, smaller, kid version of Cuttlebug) Alphabets, while cute will not cut chipboard.

For those looking into the Cuttlebug, here's a link I came across while looking into what other die brands it accepts and what materials those dies will cut through.

Posted at 11:49pm Apr 8, 2008 EDT

I have a Sizzix sidekick, and I don't think it cuts chipboard. It's the smallest, lightest version. The other Sizzix models are more heavy-duty, and I am pretty sure that the Big Kick does chipboard, and possibly the original Sizzix.

Posted at 11:53pm Apr 8, 2008 EDT

I have a Craft Robo and it cuts chipboard nicely. It wears down the blade faster. I'm pretty happy with it all around.

Posted at 11:54pm Apr 8, 2008 EDT

Thanks a ton - you guys are awesome!


Posted at 6:02pm Apr 10, 2008 EDT

Great discussion! I am having a hard time deciding on which machines and dies to use other than my Sizzix original.

Posted at 6:08pm Apr 10, 2008 EDT

I have the sizzix and it cuts chipboard nicely. I sell the die cuts in my shop and I do cut special orders.

Posted at 9:06pm Apr 10, 2008 EDT

you can also get cuttlebug. it cuts chipboard.

or buy the cricut. you can get a special blade that'll cut thicker material from an online place.
just get the cricut machine, don't buy any cartridges, instead buy the Sure Cuts a Lot software that'll allow youto hook up your machine to your puter then you can cut any font you like.

good luck!

P.S. Or you can do an alchemy and have someone cut the chipboard for ya (like me hehehe)

Posted at 11:10pm Apr 10, 2008 EDT

A scrapbooking store I patronize has a program where you can join for 6 mon. or for l yr., pay a fee, then go in and use their equipment, you bring the paper. Or maybe they have a crop night. Check with your scrapbooking stores or maybe you could do a trade with some fellow crafter-they do your die cuts, you do something for them. I was going to get a Cricut but the dies are so expensive, it was much better to just pay the store and go in and make what I need. They have loads of dies and all different machines besides.

Posted at 7:09pm Apr 11, 2008 EDT

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