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Original Post

RobWhite says

Hello, everyone!

As many of you know, the "Forum Decorum" series is a series of articles discussing various aspects of Forum etiquette. We've scaled it back from a weekly column to one that we write as needed for hot topics on the Forums, and the biggest one in recent weeks is the addition of new Forum sections.

So where do you post threads now? Mary, Michelle and I are glad you asked! Just follow the link below and read all about it, and give us your thoughts on the topic here!

Posted at 3:32pm Apr 10, 2008 EDT


xiane says

Carrot freakout!

Posted at 3:36pm Apr 10, 2008 EDT

GrayArt says

great to know! It was interesting to see some of the topics that are good for the Teams and Events section. I always viewed it as a strictly teams section.

Posted at 3:36pm Apr 10, 2008 EDT

Post in the right threads people!

The outline looks good!

Posted at 3:36pm Apr 10, 2008 EDT

Thanks - the article answered several questions for me.

Posted at 3:37pm Apr 10, 2008 EDT

Uhm...isn't this thread posted in the wrong section of the forums?


Posted at 3:38pm Apr 10, 2008 EDT

I have to be honest that I like the way the forums were before better.

I can see having a separate section for critiques, because there were a lot of people in the biz section who'd rather not look at them, and some felt they were sort of promo-ish... So I like the fact that you've added a critiques section.

But, as far as materials & techniques, I personally feel that it's still part of 'Business' and should stay in the Biz/Marketing section.

I only visit the Biz/Marketing section and the Help section at the top, for the most part now, because there are just too many sections to sort through, and there's no way I could keep up with conversations/topics that are currently happening in so many places.

I like having all my 'carrots' in one basket, so to speak. I agree that there was a need for a bit of reformation, but I think there's too many sections now and it's actually caused me to visit the forums less, because it's just too much of a cluster...

Posted at 3:38pm Apr 10, 2008 EDT

UneFemme says

Oh everyone needs to read this!!! Post your thread in the right place people!!!

Posted at 3:39pm Apr 10, 2008 EDT

ragqueen says

Great article, Thanks!

Posted at 3:42pm Apr 10, 2008 EDT

I also think it's kind of a bummer that we can't post our blog links in the biz/marketing section anymore, because I see that as a form of marketing, just like we'd post links to flickr, ask questions about other craft websites such as dwanda, etc...

I see if the blog post is totally unrelated, but for the most part, everyone who blogs has an etsy/craft related blog.
Just my opinion.
....... steps of soap box....

Posted at 3:42pm Apr 10, 2008 EDT

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