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Original Post

bellsakabin avatar
bellsakabin says

Competition “ACEO Bounty” Challenge

Opening Post

Challenge to WIN the Ultimate “ACEO Bounty” Prize

The “goal” of this competition is to promote the artwork of the Participating Artists …the venue they use for their store listings (“Etsy”) …and involve their patrons with something fun to do.

The Artists challenge YOU to challenge THEM to create “something” as an ACEO.

What is an ACEO?
• ACEO stands for “Art Cards, Editions and Originals” …a specific “size” of artwork measuring 2.5 x 3.5 inches in either Portrait or Landscape orientation …based on the Artist Trading Cards and other collectable cards …for more details please check out the Participating Artist’s listings as an explanation can be found there.

To enter the competition post a “Challenge to create an ACEO” to this thread (refer point 2 below)

☆     “One” challenge
☆     …per person
☆     …per day
☆     …please *smile* …with other posts at random.

The resulting ACEO artwork created will be listed with the key words of “ACEO Bounty” in the title (when searching please use quotation marks [“] to ensure the most accurate list of the “ACEO Bounty” items).

The Ultimate “ACEO Bounty” Prize consists of all “ACEO Bounty” listings on Etsy at the closure of the competition.

The Ultimate “ACEO Bounty” Prize will be awarded to the last person to post to the “ACEO Bounty” thread when all other post activity ceases for a period of 24 hours …or such time as the Participating Artists choose to end the competition by way of a “Count Down” (see Final Release Clauses).

Posts by the listed Participating Artists are excluded from winning the Ultimate “ACEO Bounty” Prize …and as such are not counted as “post activity”.

Other competitions will also be held periodically with entry details posted within this thread.

The listed Participating Artists extend an “Invitation” to other Artists to join in the promotion (refer point 2)

Further …the Participating Artists extend a “Challenge” for “crafty” Sellers …to create frames and ways to display ACEO’s (refer point 22)

Monthly votes by the listed Participating Artists for challenges made …(eg. Best Challenge of the Month …Best Overall Challenge) …and also for the ACEO Display challenges …(eg. Best ACEO Display of the Month …Best Overall ACEO Display) …will receive an award being a selection from the “ACEO Bounty” listings of a nominated artist (subject to change) for that Month.

…then read the “longer version” of the promotion’s details which follow for more information.

List of Participating Artists --- Competition "ACEO" Bounty Challenge --- Total = 72

aprovechar   aprovechar.etsy.com
aquariann   aquariann.etsy.com
Art2ArtColorado   Art2ArtColorado.etsy.com
ArtByAnnamarie   ArtByAnnamarie.etsy.com
artbylisak   artbylisak.etsy.com
arteest   arteest.etsy.com
artistasan   artistasan.etsy.com
artistsuetaylor   artistsuetaylor.etsy.com
artmixter   artmixter.etsy.com
Artworkbyimelda   Artworkbyimelda.etsy.com

BaRbaRaGIOrDaNoArt   BaRbaRaGIOrDaNoArt.etsy.com
Barbsgarden   Barbsgarden.etsy.com
BDorsa   BDorsa.etsy.com
bellsakabin   bellsakabin.etsy.com
BethPeardonProds   BethPeardonProds.etsy.com

chitowncheryl   chitowncheryl.etsy.com
christydekoning   christydekoning.etsy.com

darklingwoods   darklingwoods.etsy.com
DianeClancy   DianeClancy.etsy.com
Digiarts   Digiarts.etsy.com
donnadidit   donnadidit.etsy.com

EchoChelle   EchoChelle.etsy.com
ElegantSnobbery   ElegantSnobbery.etsy.com

firedancephotography   firedancephotography.etsy.com

GalleryJuana   GalleryJuana.etsy.com
gingerlime   gingerlime.etsy.com
gypsycaster   gypsycaster.etsy.com

HeatherFineArt   HeatherFineArt.etsy.com

iluvlucy8   iluvlucy8.etsy.com
Indiandollartworks   Indiandollartworks.etsy.com

jbguess   jbguess.etsy.com
JeanHood   JeanHood.etsy.com
22Joanna   22Joanna.etsy.com
JYWheeler   JYWheeler.etsy.com

Kae1Crafts   Kae1Crafts.etsy.com
kazeseka   kazeseka.etsy.com
KisforCalligraphy   KisforCalligraphy.etsy.com
Kitty107   Kitty107.etsy.com

Lazyhawk   Lazyhawk.etsy.com
LDphotography   LDphotography.etsy.com
leepierce   leepierce.etsy.com
lyekka   lyekka.etsy.com

martaharvey   martaharvey.etsy.com
melbangel   melbangel.etsy.com
mkanvinde   mkanvinde.etsy.com
motyl   motyl.etsy.com

noraArt   noraArt.etsy.com

owenart   owenart.etsy.com

paintwithbarb   paintwithbarb.etsy.com
pauseability   pauseability.etsy.com
pieper   pieper.etsy.com
pinkglitterfae   pinkglitterfae.etsy.com
Pipyr   Pipyr.etsy.com

readingsully2   readingsully2.etsy.com
renedutoit   renedutoit.etsy.com

SandiArt   SandiArt.etsy.com
scollardgreens   scollardgreens.etsy.com
shadowscapeart   shadowscapeart.etsy.com
SherryMilburnArt   SherryMilburnArt.etsy.com
shopwhimsy   shopwhimsy.etsy.com
Snitterdog   Snitterdog.etsy.com

tanyabond   tanyabond.etsy.com
thanks4lookin   thanks4lookin.etsy.com
TheCreatorsPalette   TheCreatorsPalette.etsy.com
thegreenefairy   thegreenefairy.etsy.com
TwistedThicket   TwistedThicket.etsy.com

uncommondepth   uncommondepth.etsy.com

VanFleetStreetDesign   VanFleetStreetDesign.etsy.com
Vintagesnapsandscrap   Vintagesnapsandscrap.etsy.com

worstACEOs   worstACEOs.etsy.com

ZudaGay   ZudaGay.etsy.com

Posted at 7:45am Apr 14, 2008 EDT


bellsakabin avatar
bellsakabin says

Competition “ACEO Bounty” Challenge

Second Post

Following in “point form” is the explanation of the ACEO Promotion.

☀ 1.   A thread is started by bellsakabin ...Titled: Competition “ACEO Bounty” Challenge …For the purpose of promoting the Participating Artists artwork and in particular those listings with “ACEO Bounty” in the Title.

☀ 2.   Two types of Challenges can be made ...a "General Challenge" ...or a "Specific Artist Challenge" ...that said it is also permitted that "All" Challenges made in the thread ...can be accepted by "any" artist who desires to do so ...this includes any or all the listed Participating Artists ...as well as any other Artist on Etsy who wishes to participate in this promotion ...simply by creating an ACEO ...listing it with "ACEO Bounty" in the title ...and in so doing …accepting the condition that their listing becomes part of the overall "ACEO Bounty" Prize.

☀ 3.   GENERAL CHALLENGE: People will enter the competition by posting a challenge to create an ACEO …eg. I challenge the artists to create “a peacock on a pink pumpkin”.

☀ 4.   SPECIFIC ARTIST CHALLENGE: People can also choose to challenge a particular artist because they like their style …eg. I challenge “bellsakabin” to create “a peacock on a pink pumpkin” (the “medium used” is the Artist’s choice).

☀ 5.   The competition permits a maximum of one “challenge” post per day by any individual …with other posts at random.

☀ 6.   Participating Artists may respond to any challenge …but there will be no obligation to any or all the Artists to create.

☀ 7.   Specifically Challenged Artists are not obligated to respond …but are encouraged to do so.

☀ 8.   There will be no specified “time frame” for a challenge ...because it would be too difficult to factor in all the different styles, methods and materials ...this is where “Jimminy Cricket” comes in *winks*

☀ 9.   The resulting ACEO created is to be listed by the Artist with the words “ACEO Bounty” in the title (preferably the first two words).

☀ 10.   The only mandatory requirement is to meet the "correct ACEO 2.5 x 3.5 inch size" in portrait or landscape orientation …the words "ACEO Bounty" in the listing title ...and that the Artist acknowledges that by listing with "ACEO Bounty" in the title …the item is then classified as part of the competition prize (until sold or won).

☀ 11.   The "ACEO Bounty" is comprised of listings by the various Participating Artists ...those created from the challenges posted in the thread then listed with "ACEO Bounty" in the title ...and those they choose to list with "ACEO Bounty" in the title to add to the prize pool.

☀ 12.   All listings on Etsy must be available for sale …this ensures compliance with Etsy listing policy....which means that the "ACEO Bounty" will fluctuate as listings are sold and new listings created.

☀ 13.   The artwork remains the property of the Artist until the Ultimate "ACEO Bounty" Winner is identified ...or such time as the item is "sold on Etsy" by the Artist and prior to the winner's identification ...the Artist retains all copyright etc as well as the financial gain through the sale (the Artist keeps the money).

☀ 14.   Once an item is listed as an "ACEO Bounty" ...it should remain listed on Etsy until such time as the competition ends ...or that listing is sold on Etsy (keywords “sold on Etsy”).

☀ 15.   The “ACEO Bounty” value shall be periodically calculated and posted to the thread (as a guide only).

☀ 16.   The ultimate winner of the "ACEO Bounty" competition (being the last person to post with no further posts for 24hrs). ...wins all the current listings on Etsy at that time ...which have the words "ACEO Bounty" in the listing title.

☀ 17.   The Participating Artists as listed in the opening post …are excluded from winning the “ACEO Bounty” …but may enter other competitions within the thread.

☀ 18.   Participating Artists will have the ability to “challenge” to create an ACEO.

☀ 19.   The listed Participating Artists will also have the ability to run a competition in the thread …for which they supply the prize …eg. a selection of an ACEO with “ACEO Bounty” in the title from their store …or possibly a Discount voucher or gift voucher for use in their store (conditions will apply …eg. Artist’s cannot win their own prize competition and must abide by the conditions referred to in points 20 & 21).

☀ 20.   There will be other competitions held within this thread ...guidelines for those competitions to be detailed and posted ...with the only mandatory rule being that the participants and winner must "never" have a "qualifying" condition placed upon them (eg. buy one to get one free) this is a legal requirement.

☀ 21.   There must never be any competition or offer posted to this thread which has conditions placed upon the participants or winner to qualify by way of …the “payment of fees”, or a “purchase required”, or the “supply of personal details” …eg. No “Purchase to enter” or “signup for a newsletter to enter” …Any such competitions identified will be immediately withdrawn and a post advising the withdrawal reason of “Competition does not meet the ‘unconditional’ requirements of this Promotional thread”.

☀ 22.   There will be a competition challenge for “crafty” Sellers …to create frames and ways to display ACEO’s …list their creation for sale on Etsy …and the Participating Artists will vote for a Monthly prize winner to be chosen from all current ACEO display listings …eg. Best ACEO Display of the Month …Best Overall ACEO Display.

☀ 23.   All prizes awarded within this thread are to be processed on Etsy like a “Trade” with the winner leaving feedback for the Artist on receipt of their prize …this is to ensure that Etsy receives their commission as host of the listing for the item so awarded …and that the winner by leaving feedback acknowledges that they are in receipt of the prize.

☀ 24.   The Ultimate “ACEO Bounty” winner may elect to receive their prize via delivery from just one person rather than from each Artist …this will be negotiated as part of the winner notification process.

>>>>>>> Final Release clauses

This being a global promotion …consideration is given to any Country where it may be deemed “not in the best interests of their residents” …in those instances this competition is considered to be “void were prohibited”.

The Participating Artists shall not be held responsible for anything deemed to be beyond their control in the running of this competition.

Views expressed by individuals within this thread are considered beyond the control of …and therefore deemed to be …outside any responsibility of the Participating Artists.

The Participating Artists have the discretion to modify as deemed necessary any guideline for this competition by way of notification within this thread …and repeated at intervals throughout the continuation of this thread …to ensure the goals of the promotion are met.

Challenges made in this thread become “public record” upon posting …and as such the authors acknowledge that by submitting their post this releases their challenge idea for public use.

In the event that this thread becomes inoperable or locked for whatever reason …and the thread is unable to be resurrected …the Participating Artists shall have the option of either …(a) starting another thread under the same conditions of entry and carrying the “ACEO Bounty” across to the new thread …or (b) closing the competition at that time …with the winner obtained by the drawing of a Ballot comprising all the names of the qualified thread participants.

Should for any reason the Winner of the competition fail to respond to contact after a period of 45 days …said win shall be considered forfeit …and a new Ballot drawn from the names of the qualified thread participants to find a “Second Chance” winner …this new Ballot shall have the name of the forfeited Winner removed prior to the draw …subsequently should this second chance winner fail to respond to contact after a period of 45 days …the competition will be considered honored and the artwork thereby remain in the possession of the originating Artist.

In the event that the Participating Artists wish to end the competition …the following method shall be put into action to facilitate a winner. The method being a “count down” reducing the number of hours permitted to pass between active posts from 24 reducing over a period of time specified at the discretion of the participating Artists …until such time as a winner is identified.

>>>>>>> Disclaimer:

This competition has been organized and run by the Participating Artists as noted in the above list.
While using the venue provided by Etsy this promotion does not have any input or representation by the Etsy organization and/or it’s administration and as such Etsy is held free of any accountability.

Posted at 7:45am Apr 14, 2008 EDT

Looking forward to the challenges!!!

Posted at 8:00am Apr 14, 2008 EDT

Joann Y. Wheeler avatar
JYWheeler says

come one come all and participate in the challenge...........

Posted at 8:02am Apr 14, 2008 EDT

Lisa avatar
artbylisak says

Hope All Will Come On And Join in The Challenge.......

Posted at 8:04am Apr 14, 2008 EDT

All right, I will jump right in and challenge anyone to paint some flower that is White. It must be ACEO size 2.5"x3.5"
Have Fun

Posted at 8:06am Apr 14, 2008 EDT

melbangel says

Wow, Belinda is a fast worker... she already had one ACEO Bounty card listed in her shop! :)Thanks Belinda!

Posted at 8:07am Apr 14, 2008 EDT

tanyabond says

Finally it's here:) And I'm here too:)

Posted at 8:10am Apr 14, 2008 EDT

Hurrah! Bring on the challenges!

Posted at 8:17am Apr 14, 2008 EDT

Kitty107 says

Looking forward to having FUN...FUn...Fun with this thread!!

Posted at 8:52am Apr 14, 2008 EDT