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Responses is horrible. Be aware that it is nearly impossible to cancel your subscription.

If you want to cancel your subscription, you have to call them before the 28th day and hope that someone on their end follows through.

Posted at 12:06pm Apr 20, 2008 EDT

Endicia is great. Used it for years on end before I took a couple year break from selling online fulltime.

The $16 plan is so worth the extra money - International capabilities & stealth postage.

Plus, if you pay with your pp card, you get the cash back bonus.

Posted at 12:09pm Apr 20, 2008 EDT

twobeans says

So to all of you Endicia Mac users, how do you print postage for an international shipment? I tried to send a package to London a couple of weeks ago and didn't think that I could do that with Endicia, so I took it to the PO.
But after this thread, I started re-reading the endicia info and see that I can, but how?


Posted at 8:44am Apr 21, 2008 EDT

Marking this thread for later as I've been thinking it was time to sign up with one of these companies.

Posted at 8:51am Apr 21, 2008 EDT

twobeans says

Ok, I figured it out, I don't think when I tried it I had the country on the last line by itself, maybe.
I don't really remember, but in any case I found the directions!

BlueLadyBeads, I also love Endicia, you should go for the free trial period, they all have them, it's one month of free service and then you can stay on and pay or quit, it's worth trying

Posted at 8:54am Apr 21, 2008 EDT

PaulZozem says:
The first think I tried was using Paypal's shipping option, but the prices were outrageous.

Paypal charges what the post office charges; they connect to (so when the post office is down, they are down) and they use the pitney bowes software.

Perhaps you are thinking the prices are higher, since they require a delivery confirmation for first class and that adds an additional .18 to the postage. But no, so does and

It can't be FREE delivery confirmation for priority either.

Maybe it's the fact that they can't offer first class international shipping yet because the can't offer that either.

Oh, and paypal also does insurance (domestic), signature confirmation and stealth postage. *is* working to add macs and I love their new sleek, low-profile, usb port postal scale that I got totally free after my first month. Along with $45 in postage (I got a really good deal in the mail) and $15 in supplies to print on. Although, unless I'm printing the net-stamps, I use the shipping labels that I sell in my store. also adds graphics and logos for a more customized look, but I don't use it, so I can't explain how it works. I've thought about using, but I don't need all those bells and whistles. I thought it was cheaper than, but I see that I would need to buy the higher priced service to get what my gets. So I might not change over.

Posted at 9:05am Apr 21, 2008 EDT

stamp says

I use Paypal. I have looked into other options, but they seem like more work. For Etsy sales you need to check the Etsy address *and* the Paypal address, so you have to log into 3 applications.

I find Paypal easy to use and they charge what USPS does. The only downside is not being able to print out International First Class postage.

Posted at 9:52am Apr 21, 2008 EDT

I use Endica and I love it.

Posted at 9:59am Apr 21, 2008 EDT

Luster says

Thanks for this post! I am getting to that point where I ship a few times a week and the old way thru paypal was getting a little time consuming and i didn't know anyone who uses these other shipping sites to ask their recommendation. I really appreciate all of this info!

Posted at 10:01am Apr 21, 2008 EDT

This is great info, thanks everybody!

Posted at 10:09am Apr 21, 2008 EDT