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LiciaBeads says

I singed up for both in a desperate attempt to find a way to print small 42 cent stamps to mail my Christmas cards. (I still don't have a way of producing them.)

Ironically, the cards I ordered were shipped via UPS and are 7 days late as of today, despite paying for 2 day shipping. My USPS mail comes daily.

It took me about 30 minutes to cancel with I prefer the versatility and lower price of Endicia.

I really enjoy mailing internationally from my doorstep as well.

My Christmas cards will obviously be New Year cards though.

Posted at 3:29am Dec 27, 2008 EST

trilei says

I use PayPal shipping and have been very happy with it. I have used in the past, but my volume isn't enough anymore to need it.

The only problem with PayPal is that you can't do First Class International. For that I use the free USPS Shipping Assistant software. You can print a very nice shipping/customs combo label - the drawback is you have to add postage yourself. We have a Hasler postage machine at work, so I buy it through there, but I guess you could use stamps. So far this has worked great for me, and it keeps me from having to stand it line at the PO!

Posted at 5:12am Dec 27, 2008 EST

Okay, I am no longer a seller here but I do not understand why people are paying for a shipping service to ship USPS. USPS has Click N Ship online that is free. You can ship internationally and print out labels using your printer. The labels are professional and tracking is free. All you have to do is put in your buyers email and they will be notified that their item has been shipped. Click N Ship allows Large Flat Rate Boxes which is a must for me and PayPal does not. So.....What am I missing here?

Posted at 5:23am Dec 27, 2008 EST

is there anything like this for UK sellers?

Posted at 5:33am Dec 27, 2008 EST

I use paypal shipping, and shipping assistant. No complaints here . . .

Posted at 6:45am Dec 27, 2008 EST

THANKS for sharing!!

Posted at 7:19am Dec 27, 2008 EST

Your rings ae gorgeous!!!!!!!

Posted at 7:20am Dec 27, 2008 EST

I'm very surprised to hear people saying that Paypal is free, that was not my understanding. I would suggest that you look up the USPS rates and compare. They may be adding the surcharge on in a way that makes it not so obvious.

I use Shipping Assistant because I'm a cheapskate and it's free. My post office is never busy and if you buy the postage at the PO, they scan the DC number when you mail the package. Since they do that, the tracking is more detailed than if you put the postage on yourself. The reason I don't use Click and Ship is that they don't have a domestic First Class option.

In my experience, Electronic DC is only free for Priority Mail, 18 cents for everything else.

Posted at 10:38am Dec 27, 2008 EST

I use PayPal mostly so that I can scan payments to see what I have shipped.

I do use the $10 Endicia program and love it! I use it when PayPal is down, international shipments,money order payments, my own labels, etc..

I NEVER go to the PO except to drop off tubs.

Posted at 10:42am Dec 27, 2008 EST

fimbrett says

This is what I have to say. And I want to be fare with Endicia.I mail around US$5.000 in mail a month, mostly International and their service sucks.
I signed up with them because someone on the Post Office mentioned but I am willing to try
When they update the current software many times you run into problems getting some labels to be printed, as the post office say , they sometimes have problems with their gateway.
When you call customer support the waiting time , if you are lucky,goes from 50 minutes to 90 minutes. In many cases after you wait that long they ask you to leave the message and they call you the next business day.
What good is that if you need to mail to your customer that evening? The result is, upset customers. My options on taht day is carrie my packages and do tkhe line at the post office. Totally inaceptable fro the fee you pay( I have premiun Service)
I will sign up with and follow up on this thread about their service.
Cheaper doesn't mean better at all, not for small business.

Posted at 10:29am Jun 24, 2009 EDT