PICK YOUR FAVORITE! Creative Minds for Charity Challenge!

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Original Post

brenda45 says

Earlier this year, Etsy Teams were requested to cross-promote each other, and etsyBEAD paired up with the Creative Glass Guild of Etsy (CGGE). A creative challenge to give back to the Etsy community was agreed upon. So, we approached the Helping Others Street Team (HOST), and the “Creative Minds for Charity Challenge” was formed.

CGGE members created gorgeous glass pieces and etsyBEAD members turned them into beautiful pieces of finished jewelry. And we need "YOU" to pick a favorite!

Today ONLY, April 23rd, we’re asking Etsy members to visit our blog and choose their favorite piece. We will be giving away small thank you gifts donated from members across all three street teams. Names will be chosen randomly and will be announced on Thursday, April 24th!

The poll opens at 12:00am EST (April 23rd) and closes at 11:59pm EST. Only one "pick" per person. No purchase necessary.
Pick your favorite piece here: creativemindsforcharity.wordpress.com

Like one of the pieces you see? They will be available(some already are) in the HOST shop, host.etsy.com, and all of the proceeds will be used to assist fellow Etsy members in need.

Thanks for picking your favorite! :)
And thanks to HOST, CGGE, and etsyBEAD Street Teams!

Posted at 12:00am Apr 23, 2008 EDT


quirkybags says

The submissions are so gorgeous! It is difficult to decide!

Posted at 12:18am Apr 23, 2008 EDT

catiesblue says

Yay! Thanks to Brenda for starting our thread!

All three teams have been hard at work - come see what we've been doing!

Posted at 12:18am Apr 23, 2008 EDT

I voted!! The pieces are so amazing!

Posted at 12:21am Apr 23, 2008 EDT

It is amazing what all of these wonderful people have done! I am so excited by the pieces and the fact that HOST will be able to help more people because of this awesome project!

Posted at 12:26am Apr 23, 2008 EDT

brenda45 says

This is so exciting! And thank you Brandi too! :)
I'm so happy I could be a part of this wonderful venture and get the opportunity to connect with people that I might have not gotten to meet. Thanks to everyone!!!

Posted at 12:36am Apr 23, 2008 EDT

catiesblue says

I agree Brenda - it was really great to be a part of this!

Posted at 12:45am Apr 23, 2008 EDT

I am glad you all chose us to be a part of this as well!

Posted at 12:47am Apr 23, 2008 EDT

I hope you are getting a lot of votes on this awesome jewelry!

Posted at 1:07am Apr 23, 2008 EDT

Mavalili27 says

I voted!

WOW, I have to say I am blown away equally by your generosity and talent! This pieces are absolutely amazing and its so hard to pick!

You gals did a FANTASTIC job!!!

Thanks for helping Etsy out!

(HOST member)

Posted at 1:07am Apr 23, 2008 EDT