Will USPS pay for very late delivery of a 'priority' package?

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Original Post

oktak says

I ordered some materials on April 16th, the seller shipped it out by priority mail on the 19th. The package has still not arrived (as of April 23rd), and according to the tracking information provided on the USPS website, the package was "missent" and landed in a facility far from my home. It is "being rerouted" now.

I was depending on these materials to arrive earlier this week, and accepted a large order. Not knowing when or whether this package will arrive, I must now reorder the materials, to fulfill this order. (The deadline is very close.)

As a result of USPS screwing up, my material costs have doubled, and I will be making very little profit on this order. Is there any way to make USPS pay for the damages? Or must we eat the extra costs when they make mistakes?

Posted at 8:18pm Apr 23, 2008 EDT


No, and Yes. The only thing with guaranteed delivery times is Express Mail.

Posted at 8:23pm Apr 23, 2008 EDT

I've had priority packages take 15 days before and all the PO will say is "priority mail is not a guarantee". As far as I know the only time they will refund your shipping on a late package is with express mail (overnight).

Posted at 8:25pm Apr 23, 2008 EDT

nope - and they are not responsible for lost business either.

Posted at 8:27pm Apr 23, 2008 EDT

savor says

The only way they'd pay damages is if you won a suit against them. The likelihood of that is very small -- priority has no guarantee. The costs and time spent trying to get a judgment would outweigh any benefit even if you did win. But you certainly can't expect to go up to the counter and ask for damages -- won't happen.

Posted at 8:28pm Apr 23, 2008 EDT

oktak says

Thanks for the info, everyone.
Wow that sucks ... I guess there's not much point in having things sent by 'priority' then ..

Posted at 8:31pm Apr 23, 2008 EDT

savor says

Sure there is -- Priority is quicker than First Class in most cases.

Posted at 8:33pm Apr 23, 2008 EDT

I have found First Class to every bit as fast as Priority... and since it isn't guaranteed to get htere in the alloted 2-3 days, it doesn't seem worth the extra expense to me.

Posted at 9:37pm Mar 24, 2009 EDT

there that is...

Posted at 9:37pm Mar 24, 2009 EDT

puffpastry says

Priority isn't guaranteed. I like to use it when the flat-rate packaging makes things cost effective, but within the US first class airmail is often as fast. Sorry but the USPS won't reimburse you.

Posted at 9:39pm Mar 24, 2009 EDT