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Original Post

Admin is reworking the Categories.
they have asked for input and ideas about the Art Category and subcategories.
So this thread is for those ideas.

Posted at 2:43pm Apr 28, 2008 EDT


As a professional artist who works in several different mediums, I'd like to see categories by medium--such as acrylics,oils,pastels,watercolors,polymer clay, etc.

Posted at 2:51pm Apr 28, 2008 EDT

ElenaMary says

Thanks!! here is my input for sub-categories in ART:

Art valued over $300. there is a new street team forming to promote high end art and this is a very important sub-category for us.

A sub-category for completely handmade artists books..books which are more "ART" than "BOOK".

Posted at 2:51pm Apr 28, 2008 EDT

Ideas on Photography:

I would like to see Photography as its own category (not under Art). With a link from the front page. There are right now almost 52,000+ items listed under photography.
(I KNOW photography's art)

I would like to see the Photography sections redone too. There needs to be a sub category for "Limited edition fine art prints" and I would like to see one for "Photojournalism" the cyanotype category should be changed to "alternative process" or "historical process". Thats a good place to start. The other sections need to be changed a bit too.

Ideas on ART:
What other category has almost 200,000 items in it besides art? Break it down.
Why shouldn't Painting, drawing, Photography, Sculpture, ect be given as much respect as say candles, geekery, holidays, patterns and pets there are two separate categories for knitting and crochet?

All links from the front page...

Etsy please promote and display the fine arts better! I am in awe of how many excellent fine artists are on this site but it is hard to find them and wade through the whole Art category to find what your looking for. It needs to be made easier for buyers and better for sellers.

OK, that's it for now.
Thanks for listening.

Posted at 3:03pm Apr 28, 2008 EDT

I guess I'm not sure I like the separate category for art valued over $300 (maybe its because I'm not in that price range - yet!!).

Posted at 3:09pm Apr 28, 2008 EDT

Fiber art as a sub cat.

Posted at 3:11pm Apr 28, 2008 EDT

You can already search any category by price.

Posted at 3:12pm Apr 28, 2008 EDT

ElenaMary says

There is a new street team forming just to promote "expensive" art and that is because collectors need to know that high end art is available and being sold on ETSY..there is no where to see this art all in one place currently and we all feel there should be so a sub-category to that effect..whatever it will be called, it is needed!

Posted at 3:16pm Apr 28, 2008 EDT

You can search Art by price by hitting the little "price" tab and it will sort it from high or low or low to high.

Posted at 3:23pm Apr 28, 2008 EDT

andymathis says

I not sure how effective a street team will be. There is more to creating high end art than just the price, and most of it is what the artists is doing behind the scenes to market and promote their work.

Can't hurt to try, though.

Posted at 3:26pm Apr 28, 2008 EDT