Are you addicted to supplies???

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Original Post

lucie39 says

I know I am ;p
Gemstones,beads,chain,wire...lots and LOTS of wire...I think I shop as much as I create!
I am constantly looking for new supplies and and great places to buy them.
Anyone want to share of there favorite supply sellers both Etsy and off? I am in a supply shopping mood tonight... ;)

Posted at 5:56pm May 2, 2008 EDT


Im addicted too...

Posted at 6:01pm May 2, 2008 EDT

Oh my God - not only am I addicted to supplies but I just came to the realization this morning as I was filling tiny bags full of frit and enclosing a sample of dichroic so that a buyer could "try it out" that this is probably how drug dealers work too. AGHHHH! Oh God, I'm a craft supply dealer. lolololololol!

Posted at 6:01pm May 2, 2008 EDT

Yep, me too! I love buying new supplies, and I also sell some of them. Beads are addictive, lol ;-)

Posted at 6:01pm May 2, 2008 EDT

Katai says

I can;t walk into a bead shop or craft store for a while. I'm too weak XD

Posted at 6:02pm May 2, 2008 EDT

Balsam says

no....I can stop at anytime. *folds arms...pouts*

Posted at 6:03pm May 2, 2008 EDT

excely says

I KNOW I shop more than I create :)

Posted at 6:03pm May 2, 2008 EDT

lucie39 says

glad it's not just me..hehehe!
Floresflorestanis~I almost fell off my chair laughing at your post!

Posted at 6:04pm May 2, 2008 EDT

weDesigns says

LOL...well, if this is the AA meeting for supply buyers...I'm here. *waving hands in the air*

Posted at 6:04pm May 2, 2008 EDT

hey baby, want to buy some crafts supplies? ahahahaha!

Posted at 6:05pm May 2, 2008 EDT