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Original Post

Greetings from Bela Brazilian Designs...
Being that there is so much morbidity in the world today... we thought it would be something out of the ordinary if we would run a contest where fellow Etsy members would share the ★VERY BEST THING★ that happened to them in this forum.
We KNOW that there is a lot of GOOD out there that is often over looked and being who we are here at Bela Brazilian Designs, we would love nothing more than to give everyone a chance to share something wonderful with others.

The contest will begin Monday 5/5 and end Friday 5/9.
We could not possibly choose one winner, so there will be one runner up.
Initial winner receives $50 store credit (good towards any exotic piece of wearable art in our store), the runner up will receive $25 store credit.

There are three of us here who will decide amongst ourselves who managed to shed most light and cheer into this forum.

Now let's get this thread going...

Much love...
Bela Brazilian Designs

Posted at 4:13pm May 5, 2008 EDT


The store credit can be used in either one of our shops:

Posted at 4:19pm May 5, 2008 EDT

how generous of you!

I know its cliche but so many people say that meeting their significant other/getting married is the best thing in their life. For me, that's true as well but if I wouldn't have met my Dr. Fanning, I wouldn't have had a chance to meet my husband!

Long story short: When I was 19 I was rushed to the Emergency room with shortness of breath and severe pain. Low and behold I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and surgery the next day removed a 15 pound tumor.
Having cancer was the best thing that could have happened to me. Because of my experience I started a support group connecting other victims of the disease (one as young as 17!), became focused on getting cancer support/funding for others and I now work in an Oncology clinic securing chemotherapy drugs and empowering patients & families to fight their disease. If I wouldn't have survived that I wouldn't have had a change to learn and grow as an individual.... let alone meet my future husband only 3 months later!

Posted at 4:24pm May 5, 2008 EDT

Thank you so much for sharing your story...

Fortunately, you have your health and happiness today!
... and designing lovely jewelry yourself!
Thank you again for sharing your very inspirational experience.


Posted at 4:34pm May 5, 2008 EDT

...surely, there must be others out there who have had something wonderful happen to them.

Share your joy w- others....


Posted at 4:51pm May 5, 2008 EDT

daisytoad says

The best thing? Well my faith and family including inlaws! How many people can say that? My husband because he works so hard so I can stay home and experiment with etsy, my daughter because she is a sunshine, my son becasue he is all boy : ) and so sweet, my inlaws are always there for us and will drop everything in order to help us out....I'm truly blessed in many ways but family and faith trump all else!

Posted at 5:03pm May 5, 2008 EDT

Ok how about this one! When I was very young I spent all my summers in another state... a very rural town, (I was a big city girl) with my granny and granddad. They owned a shoe shop in town and on very busy days I would have to go down the road to the neighbor friends so they could watch me for the day. As I grew I always kept in touch with them and they were always close to my heart and whenever I visited my granny and granddad I would always go visit them ♥ Chapter 2 of this story LOL.. From the young age of 6 I had a best friend whom I spent more time at her house than I did my own. We did everything together and her Mom was my second Mom for sure. I had never met any of her family except of course her brother and little sister.♥ Chapter 3 of this story....LOL I grew up in a house on a corner and at the other end of the block on the oppisite corner, there was an elderly couple that I grew to call Grandma and Grandpa, when I wasn't with my own in another state. I spent a lot of time down at the other end of the street, and even cleaned house for them as I got to be a teenager. My best friend had moved away and eventually we kind of lost track of each other. When I was in high school I met this young man and well you all know how this part will end...yes I eventually married him! What a surprise it was when we both learned that the elderly couple down at the other end of the block was his grandparents!!! This woman whom I had had been calling Grandma for many years Now was Really my Grandma ♥ We made out our lists for the wedding and I did my side and my husband's sisters did his side, so I never really went over their list. At the wedding I was so surprised to see my long lost best friend and her family there that I thought someone had invited them as a surprise for me! Come to find out she was my new husband's cousin and my second mother was actually my husbands aunt and now my Aunt! ♥ Now a year later we dicided to go on a vacation and visit my grandparents as they were not physically able to attend the wedding. We were told by my husband's grandparents that they also had family in this state and how weird that was being 850 miles away! We didn't think much of it as my husband had never met these people. We were there for two days and I asked about Mr. and Mrs. Smith that had lived down the road...My granny said, "oh yes they would love to see you" So I took my new husband and we went to visit the couple that I had spent most summers with growing up. We drove and took my grandparents with us so they could also visit and we had pictures of the wedding also with us. Do you all know where this is going yet? LOL
Well when we walked in they hugged and hugged me and when they both looked at my new husband. The look was sort of a shocked look. They didn't say anything and pretty soon we were all talking and had sat down to look at wedding pictures. We showed them a picture of us standing with my husband's grandparents who had lived down the street from me....and they both just sat there! Mrs. Smith got up and walked to her table and got a letter with some pictures in it. Oh My Goodness there we were, the same wedding picture! They were the relatives that his grandparents had been talking about and they had a wedding photo of us! Now they had not seen me in years and I had done some growing up and had changed alot and they didn't know that was me in the picture that they had recieved. So come to find out the Smith's were related to my husband's Grandmother!!! I knew my husband's relitives that he didn't!!! So Now almost 34 years and many happy years and many sad years later we know we were meant to be together and there is nothing we can't get through! Fate had put us together even as young children! So the next time you think there is no such thing as Fate...well there is, and everything DOES happen for a reason!
I love sharing that story and as you can imagine we have shared it every year with 3 children and 12 grandchildren and they all still want to hear it every year! Smiles and happy thoughts to all ♥

Posted at 5:38pm May 5, 2008 EDT

Wow that was longer than I thought LOL sry!!

Posted at 5:39pm May 5, 2008 EDT

OK, shall I do this? Well, the best thing I ever did – and so the best thing that ever happened to me – was graduating from my Creative Writing MA. I wish it was a little more dramatic. I wish I had a near death experience I could share. I don’t. At some point last year there was a brief possibility I had a brain tumour, but I didn’t, it turned out to be an underactive thyroid with a side order of PCOS. Quite mundane, all told.
So all I can offer is a little hormone imbalance. That’s all I bring to the party. But the honest answer to your question – and I think you want the honest answer, yes? – is that I worked hard and worked well and ended up drafting the novel I always wanted to write. And that novel’s almost finished now, and agents and publishers and people want to read it, and I’m beginning to build up a reputation as a writer. And it would never have happened, not ever, if I hadn’t had the guts to sign up to the Creative Writing MA in the first place.
And it has made me happier than any near death experience I can give you. And hopefully it had made some other people happy too, hopefully the people who read my stories and the people I read my stories to quite like them. Which pleases me.
That’s the honest answer to your question. That’s all.

Posted at 6:25pm May 5, 2008 EDT

the best thing that every happened to me? Wow.
Well, I would have to say that it was meeting my husband. Which was just a totally random circumstance. and now it is 16 1/2 years later, with two kids, which are the other two best things that ever happened to me.
I didn't think that I would ever have the happily-ever-after, and I'm still not always convinced, but I seem to be on that path.....

Posted at 11:46pm May 5, 2008 EDT