and just like *that* I cannot believe I have 500 hearts

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Original Post

I remember a time when I poured over every heart I got. Somehow my worthiness to be selling on Etsy was based on how many people hearted me. Today I just looked, and I can hardly believe that it is at 501! Is it possible that over 500 people heart me? I'm in awe.

My first few weeks on Etsy, I remember being in the forums and seeing someone post that they just got their 400th heart, and I thought - that will never be me! How in the world does someone get that many hearts?

I guess it happens all the time now that Etsy has grown so big, but I can't help but feel a little proud :)

Posted at 1:06am May 8, 2008 EDT


jacjewelry says

Now you have 502. :) Cute stuff!!!

Posted at 1:07am May 8, 2008 EDT

MercysMark says

Can't wait to be in your shoes and have just as many sales. I have a few more days of school and am taking the summer off to focus on my shop. CONGRATS to YOU!!!!

Posted at 1:23am May 8, 2008 EDT

jacjewelry says

MercyMark - good luck! I just finished school too, and have been creating non-stop to stock up for the summer. :)

Posted at 1:25am May 8, 2008 EDT

How original your I spy items..

Posted at 1:28am May 8, 2008 EDT

Congrats! :-)

Posted at 1:28am May 8, 2008 EDT


Posted at 1:30am May 8, 2008 EDT

congrats, feels nice, huh! i am having a moment like that, too--i just saw that i'm 4 shy of 1000...never imagined it!

Posted at 1:31am May 8, 2008 EDT

MercysMark says

thanks jacjewlery! So nice to know others are in the same mind set! Good Luck to you this summer! :)

Posted at 1:39am May 8, 2008 EDT

what cute stuff you have :) The ducks and spaceships are my fav :)

Posted at 1:59am May 8, 2008 EDT