Uck!! Stringy hot glue

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Original Post

Is there a glue stick that is not so stringy. I keep getting all the tiny threads everywhere and it is driving me nuts.

Any suggestions?

Thank You!

Posted at 10:21 pm May 11, 2008 EDT


KMCdesigns says

I hate glue for that exact reason!
Hence, duct tape! Depending on what you're making, double sided sticky tape could be your answer....

Posted at 10:24 pm May 11, 2008 EDT

LaAlicia says

prettypear, not sure how to prevent the strings...but to get rid of them I use my dustbuster on high...it sucks those stringies right off.

Posted at 10:26 pm May 11, 2008 EDT

Thanks for those tips. I make fabric cards and I use the glue for the ribbons. I was using glue dots and they were clean and easy, but at times the ribbons would come off. So I need something reliable yet delicate.

Posted at 10:31 pm May 11, 2008 EDT

SarahsSky says

If you do a slight circle motion with the glue gun right after you squirt the amount of glue out that you want then the hot tip will cut off any string that would come from where you put the glue. So glue and then a small fast circle motion and then there will be no string.

Posted at 10:38 pm May 11, 2008 EDT

AnniePurl says

A blast with a hair dyer or an embossing heat gun will blow the stringies away, too.

I have one of the Aleen's fancy schmancy glue guns, and I think her brand strings less. But the cheap bin ones hold just as well, so I get those usually anyway.

Posted at 10:39 pm May 11, 2008 EDT


I know what you mean. Glueing 100 bows on soap labels & making sure to get the glue stringies off is a pain, lol.

SarahsSky, I will try your tip.

Posted at 10:47 pm May 11, 2008 EDT

Yep, a hair dryer does the trick!!

Posted at 10:49 pm May 11, 2008 EDT

Above are good ideas. For stubborn ones I use a stiff paintbrush to free the glue strings.

Posted at 10:49 pm May 11, 2008 EDT

All great tips!! Thank you I will give them a try, those pesky little strings!

Posted at 11:00 pm May 11, 2008 EDT

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