Ad in Mary Engelbreit is TERRIBLE!

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Original Post

I love Mary Engelbreit Home Companion and was excited to see the Etsy full page ad. I got my magazine today and was shocked at how TERRIBLE the ad is.

Don't get me wrong, the products shown are wonderful, but the information that Etsy provides to bring in potential buyers is atrocious.

There is no mention of the actual website and just some obscure instructions to go to to find the items shown. From this, one is supposed to deduct that they actually need to type in the name of the shop,ie. applecreekdesigns when most average computer users would actually take the instructions literally and type in

I figured that if I actually went to there might be some instructions to re-route the viewer or at least take the viewer to the etsy homepage, but instead one is taken to an empty store called "shopname".

I wonder how many potential buyers were totally confused and turned off by this.

Posted at 7:22pm May 12, 2008 EDT


I was impressed by the ad, but now I see what you are saying if you are new to etsy.
I wonder how sales have been for sellers that are in it. I received my issue last Monday, so some potential buyers have had a week to buy.

Posted at 7:29pm May 12, 2008 EDT

LaAlicia says


Posted at 7:30pm May 12, 2008 EDT

I disagree. I think it's excellent. I think any normal person could figure out how to get to the shop. It's the same format all etsy co op ads use.

And, if you just want to find etsy, there's always a featured seller in ME and if you type etsy in any search engine it will take you to the site.

Posted at 7:34pm May 12, 2008 EDT


respectfully, I would challenge you to show this ad to any "normal" person who does not kmow the ins and outs and intricacies of Etsy and have them explain how to find, say, that beautiful crowned bird Art print in the ad.

Posted at 7:37pm May 12, 2008 EDT

The average computer user will figure the shopname sub out. Not all of them will, but the average ones will:)

Posted at 7:44pm May 12, 2008 EDT

I think this is the same wording as the ad in Craft. I thought it was a little odd/confusing too. I would prefer to see each sellers address right under their photo.

Or under the Etsy logo it could say "go to and enter the sellers name under the Sellers:usernames option in search". (well I guess that got a little wordy - but the idea would be to direct them to the username search on

Posted at 7:44pm May 12, 2008 EDT

andymathis says

seeing the actual shopname plus etsy plus .com 75 times on a page, or ever how many ads are on the page, will look cluttered.

Can one you their domain name instead?

Posted at 7:45pm May 12, 2008 EDT

here is a flickr link that shows how the ad looks

(this specific ad was in Bust magazine, the Mary Engelbreit one is exactly the same, just different stores and items)

Posted at 7:48pm May 12, 2008 EDT