Consignment record keeping

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Original Post

I have a few shops etc that are carrying some of my work on consignment. I am having trouble finding some sort of record keeping/ stock control form to keep track of it all. Any one know of some templates I can use?

Posted at 5:26pm May 14, 2008 EDT


I'd just make an Excel or Open Office Calc spreadsheet. If you convo me with your email, I'll send you the one I use (it's in OO so you may have to redo the formulae for Excel). There's also the wonderful JJMFinance who has some good templates.

Posted at 5:27pm May 14, 2008 EDT

I use invoices just as I do for wholesale orders. You can find templates on Word, Excel, online, etc. Excel may be your best bet.

Google sample sales invoice.

Posted at 5:28pm May 14, 2008 EDT

Sorry, I don't have a template, but when I provide inventory to a store for consignment, I type up my own form with the following headings:

item description / color / size(if necessary) / retail price / net $ (less commission)

Also, date the top of the page, so you know when the items were delivered to the store.

Each month, when I receive my check for sold items, I also receive a portion of the price tag w/ notes on which items sold. I can then update my inventory sheet.

Posted at 5:30pm May 14, 2008 EDT

Thanks fourtailslampwork I will convo you. I can't get my head around this one.
alamodestuff - I have found myself getting a bit confused with invoices. I really need a sheet that has room for me to enter stock counts etc.

Posted at 5:30pm May 14, 2008 EDT

I number each piece..
if it is a series piece I use the same number with "A-B-C" etc..

I did one main excel spred sheet with every thing I have and then I saved copies for each place.. and added color to the text for each piece I had in that particular shop.

I would take them time and do a main excel form and use copies of it..

you can also do this for invoices, etc..

hope that might help you.

Posted at 5:31pm May 14, 2008 EDT

My pleasure. LEt me know if what I send is *too* detailed; I can customize it for you. It's pretty basic--nothing like the fancy stuff JFFFinance does (and if you need something other than what I can do, I recommend his templates heartily) -- but it is the right price (aka free :) )

Posted at 5:32pm May 14, 2008 EDT

Thanks tracyb and CaryMartin - these are great suggestions. I like the idea of numbering each piece and getting back the price tags is a good option also!

Posted at 5:34pm May 14, 2008 EDT

Thanks again fourtails I will have a look. Basic sounds great!!!!

Posted at 5:36pm May 14, 2008 EDT