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Original Post

Post your unpopular opinions here! I'll go first:

Cat owners should have to follow the leash laws just like dog owners.

Posted at 6:44pm May 14, 2008 EDT


i don't worry about the environment. shoot me.

Posted at 6:45pm May 14, 2008 EDT

MiniMather says

teehee, that made me giggle ^_^

i used to take my cat to the park on a leash. :)

Posted at 6:46pm May 14, 2008 EDT

pinupchick says

It should be mandatory for meat eaters to take a trip to a slaughterhouse or go on a hunting trip.

We need to know where our food comes from.

Posted at 6:47pm May 14, 2008 EDT

j9gwen says

I filled up my gas tank today and it was $31.50, I'm just fine with it, and if it goes up to $4 a gallon I'm still fine with it *ducks and runs the hell away*

Posted at 6:47pm May 14, 2008 EDT

americans shouldn't be allowed a driver's license before the age of 18.

Posted at 6:48pm May 14, 2008 EDT

kids should not have everything handed to them.

Posted at 6:48pm May 14, 2008 EDT

MoonFairy says

I really think people should fix their own lives before caring so much about animals.

Posted at 6:48pm May 14, 2008 EDT


Send them to SD. I'll take them hunting and then they can help us butcher buffalo...

Posted at 6:48pm May 14, 2008 EDT

Monkeyshop says

Americans shouldn't be allowed to have a drivers license after they are 70

Posted at 6:48pm May 14, 2008 EDT