Throwing in the towel...

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Original Post

TotusMel says

Quitting, closing shop, giving up, whatever you call it, I'm not doing it.

This is just a little kick in the pants, since I think a lot of us are in the same "no sale" boat right now.

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Posted at 11:04am May 19, 2008 EDT


BigFish says

Surely it is still worth keeping open even if it is as advertising for your name?
Are you going elsewhere?

Posted at 11:08am May 19, 2008 EDT

Totus, thank for posting. Everytime you post your blog link I read it. I really enjoy your common sense approach and witty writing. Keep up the good work.

Posted at 11:08am May 19, 2008 EDT

You have beautiful tatted things. Probably a niche market. You should advertise in Bust. Market to your best customers.

You've had alot of sales! Pretty good for Etsy. Best wishes to you!

Posted at 11:10am May 19, 2008 EDT

Camias says

Your work is exotic...I like it. I know it's difficult and, after reading your blog, I understand where you're coming from. I say to hang in there if you are willing. I think we all are feeling a bit of a pinch and a lot of it is economy related. If doing this gives you therapeutic relief or creates a zen like atmosphere for your spirit, I say stay in place!

Posted at 11:12am May 19, 2008 EDT

weDesigns says

She actually said she's NOT closing.

Posted at 11:12am May 19, 2008 EDT

operatic says

BigFish -- her post says that she's NOT going to quit :)

Posted at 11:14am May 19, 2008 EDT

marking for later... I need to get re-motivated this summer!!

Posted at 11:15am May 19, 2008 EDT

beckyrose says

beautifully said!

Posted at 11:15am May 19, 2008 EDT

Totus, your stuff is so pretty. My great aunt taught me how to tat when I was younger. I confess that I haven't kept it up but I think I still have my shuttle someplace. Whenever I think of tatting I associate it with her. Keep on going. You're supporting a beautiful art.

Posted at 11:16am May 19, 2008 EDT