VAST Team Talk--Brand New Thread!

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Original Post

Many of the members of VAST (Visual Artists Street Team) would like to have a more visable forum to post in.
WE have decided to use this forum thread to talk about our various art projects: Have a place to exchange networking sites, exchange ideas about creating art, post our treasuries--and whatever we decide to talk about.
There are many talented artists on the VAST team, let's gather together, and talk--:)

Posted at 11:46am May 26, 2008 EDT


sixsisters says

Hi Mystic. Nice to see this thread.

Here is one I just listed.

Posted at 11:53am May 26, 2008 EDT

This is one I recently relisted ~ Diane Clancy

Posted at 11:59am May 26, 2008 EDT

JuneBlue is a new member and this is one of hers that I particularly like

I enjoy seeing which are favorites of other peoples - ~ Diane Clancy

Posted at 12:02pm May 26, 2008 EDT

heronkate says

This is a GREAT idea, and I found you! Thanks for starting it Klaire, hope you're having a very happy holiday, from "everything" Kate

Posted at 12:08pm May 26, 2008 EDT

heronkate says

Here's my newest painting - it IS flowers but I did it for the May challenge, my yard, so I'll paint more flowers for June, my garden is popping, so are the weeds, going out now to "git em"

Posted at 12:13pm May 26, 2008 EDT

Hi Kate, so glad to see your smiling face on this thread.

Six, love that new lisitng!

Diane, juneblues sunflowers are dancing--I love it!

Oh yes, Diane, your mysterious lady face is awesome!

Posted at 12:16pm May 26, 2008 EDT

sixsisters says

Thanks Klaire. So nice to know your name although I probably did before but forgot.
I will forget again LOL.

Posted at 12:17pm May 26, 2008 EDT

Here's a silk painting, that I decided to mount and frame.I had created this painting 2 years ago, and just put it in my sock drawer, so to speak.
This year, I brought it outt, and someone said, " Hey, that's really a neat painting!"

So, I taped it to the wall and took a photo--it didn't look to well. So, I mounted it, put a German Silver frame around it: Made all the difference in the world:

What do you think?

Posted at 12:20pm May 26, 2008 EDT

Hey, I have a brain fart every now and then too, Six--:)
Kate, your poppies, are beautiful!

Posted at 12:21pm May 26, 2008 EDT