Official Creative Challenge #99

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Original Post

Here's the rules. Anyone is allowed to participate, but please, only post something new that you have created for the challenge.

This week's challenge is to be inspired by music. I want you to pick a style/genre of music and be inspired by it. Like punk,rap,classical,emo,blues. Whatever suits your fancy. Have fun with it.

I will not post a new challenge until Monday, June 2nd, though this is not a deadline. If you run behind, feel free to post an older challenge item in the newest challenge thread.

Posted at 3:04pm May 26, 2008 EDT


foxaz says

this sounds...challenging.
Post it where? Here?

Posted at 3:26pm May 26, 2008 EDT

Music....I'm in!

Posted at 3:28pm May 26, 2008 EDT

JJMFinance says

Reggae inspired spreadsheets to help your Etsy shop thrive. . . now there is a challenge! :)

Posted at 3:29pm May 26, 2008 EDT

Yes, Foxaz. You post a link to the item here. Then we can all ooh and aah over it. lol. I hope to see you later this week with an item.

lol, JJM. I would definitely like to see that.

Posted at 5:33pm May 26, 2008 EDT

OOH fun, wonder what we'll all come up with for this one?

Posted at 6:11pm May 26, 2008 EDT

Yipee! This will be fun too!'re on a roll!

Posted at 8:07pm May 26, 2008 EDT

Just giving this a push in case others want to join in.

Posted at 10:52am May 27, 2008 EDT

nancygamon says

I'm doing comment catch up from the other thread...

BeadsInTheBelfry - Wonderful elegant simplicity in your drip necklace.

CindyCreativeCrochet - You picked an intriguing color combination for your Mother's Day necklace. I like the bursts of purple on the chain. Your lightning earrings made me smile. (I would really love to see someone wearing all of our thunderstorm creations at once!) I like how your turquoise teardrop earrings are similar, but not the same. It's fun to have unique things.

craftymoose - Your Elvis creations are rock star! What a kick!

jewelstreet - I can see why that toe ring got nabbed up in a hurry. A gorgeous design with clean lines. Kind of architectural. I really hope you are enjoying yours!

ElementsByDawn - I hope your new pendant brings you many calm moments. :)

Posted at 11:47am May 27, 2008 EDT

ragqueen says

That's a great challange!

Posted at 11:50am May 27, 2008 EDT