Is green hair ok?

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Original Post

CaitiJo says

What I really want to know is - should I ditch the wig?

I have to say, I really hate plain old white foam heads. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like I can't really tell what it will look like on hair unless there's some on the model.

But if the majority thinks the picture is too bright or the wig is too distracting, I'd like to know. :D

Posted at 2:37pm May 27, 2008 EDT


CaitiJo says

oops. You need a link to what I'm talking about, huh?

Posted at 2:37pm May 27, 2008 EDT

bitterink says

I think the wig is fun, but it doesn't compliment the color of the yarn. If you want to run with the idea I'd say pick up some more brightly colored wigs and make it a "thing". It'd be fun!

Posted at 2:39pm May 27, 2008 EDT

Have you got any other coloured wigs?
The green is real fun but does nothing for that colour hat!

Posted at 2:40pm May 27, 2008 EDT

RegalBeads says

I'd say go bald :)

Posted at 2:41pm May 27, 2008 EDT

I like it! But this is coming from a girl who just put pink streaks in her blonde hair - whoo hoo!

Posted at 2:43pm May 27, 2008 EDT

RegalBeads says

oh, i like coloured hair too, did it once. streaks that is (blue). But, you want your hat to match the hair ;)

Posted at 2:45pm May 27, 2008 EDT

maicen says

I like it, but I think the background could be more fun:)lol

Posted at 2:46pm May 27, 2008 EDT

CaitiJo says

hm.. so I should go wig shopping! sounds fun :D
I just happened to have the green one lying around from St. Patty's day. lol

Posted at 2:46pm May 27, 2008 EDT

CaperChris says

I concur! The yellow doesn't go. I love your shop though.

Posted at 2:46pm May 27, 2008 EDT