Resizing Images & DPI in GIMP...Please Help!

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Original Post

JewelDivas says

Ok, so I'm very frustrated right now, and could really use some help with this.

I'm trying to a resize a picture in GIMP that I going to use on a pendant. The picture needs to be around 1.5" x 1.5" which I can do. But the tutorial I've been looking at says, I need to resize it than save it at the highest resolution possible (recommended at 1000 dpi) and then I'm lost. When I change the resolution size, it makes the image 10" x 10"-ish.

I know I'm missing something here but I'm not sure what. If someone could give me some advice, any advice, I would really appreciated.

Thanks so much,


Posted at 1:02pm May 29, 2008 EDT


krtwood says

I'm not familiar with GIMP, but what you need to do is change the PPI without resampling the image. In photoshop you do this by unchecking the box next to the drop down menu where you choose the resample method. Then you'd just type in 1.5" for the image size and the resolution would end up being whatever it ends up being.

Posted at 1:09pm May 29, 2008 EDT

JewelDivas says

Thank you for your help.

Quick question, what does "resampling" mean?

Posted at 1:13pm May 29, 2008 EDT

krtwood says

Okay I looked at the GIMP manual.

You should just be able to put in 1.5 inches for the image size, the resolution will change automatically. It doesn't matter what the actual resolution ends up being, you just want as much as you can get.

Posted at 1:15pm May 29, 2008 EDT

JewelDivas says

Yeah, I noticed that, thats why I was stuck, I kept trying to change it, and it kept changing everything.

So does that mean, if I need 1.5", the resolution will be whatever it defaults to and that is what it has to be?

Thank you again for all your help.

Posted at 1:17pm May 29, 2008 EDT

krt's suggestion should work... but I thought I'd put out this offer - if you need any future gimp help feel free to convo me if you'd like - I use it all the time! :)

Posted at 1:18pm May 29, 2008 EDT

you can change the size first, then you can change the resolution. if you change the resolution first, it will change the size automatically. does that make sense?

Posted at 1:19pm May 29, 2008 EDT

JewelDivas says

Thank you for the offer, hopefully, I won't need to bother you much :)

When I try to change either one, it changes the other one at the same time.

If you don't mind, I'm going to relay the steps I take, and if you can tell me, what I might be doing wrong it would be appreciated.

1.) Click file, open image.

2.) Click "image", click "scale image"

3.) Change image size to 1.5"

4.) Change resolution, to 1000 dpi
- when I change the resolution, it automatically changes the image size and I'm not sure how to fix that?

Thank you for your help.

Posted at 1:27pm May 29, 2008 EDT

JewelDivas says

Ok, I tried something else, I changed the resolution then I changed the size, but specifics say that its 1.5" and 300 dpi but when you print the image, its huge. :(

I'm really sorry, I just know literally nothing beyond the very very basics about any of the photo editing software but I'm trying to learn (as frustrating as that seems to be).

Posted at 1:32pm May 29, 2008 EDT

Ok I see the problem - sometimes you have to do it this way (and it sounds ridiculous but it works for me!):

open image
go to image, then scale image
change image size to 1.5
change resolution to 1000
go back up to change image size and type 1.5 in again

I just verified by trying w/one of my pics, let me know if it works for yoU! :)

Posted at 1:33pm May 29, 2008 EDT