Natural Kids Team - June 08

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Original Post

Welcome to the Natural Kids Etsy Street Team thread!

Natural Kids is a group of sellers dedicated to creating natural products for children. We are a diverse group of artisans who make natural toys, clothing, utensils and accessories for kids. Our sellers work with materials from the Earth, such as wool, cotton, silk and wood to create wholesome treasures!

Aunt Boo's Babies
Birchleaf Designs
Blossom Babies
Bratsacks Babyware
Butterfly Designs
Conscious Clothing
Cozy Cottage Creations
Crazy Momma Productions
Elsa's Love Patchwork Co.
Fairie Bling
Flower Beads Design
Freedom Rainbow
German Dolls
Hand Crafted Sock Puppies
Harvest Moon by Hand
Kat Eyez
Little Elfs Toyshop
Little Jenny Wren
Looma Keena
Moonchild Studios
Nature's Enchantment
Nishale's Art Shop
Nushkie Designs
Oh To See The Sunset
Orit Dotan Dolls
Plum Pudding by Jenn
Shelley's Natural Fiber Hats
The Fairies Nest
The Gnome Shop
The Little Nest
The Nursing Room
The Polka Dot Dragon
The Singing Bird
Tie Dye Diva
Toys From Nature
Waldorf Mama
Wee Beaks
Woodmouse Loves Wood
Wool Comes Alive
Wool Creations
Zuzu Petal



TEAM SEARCH (naturalkids team)

This thread is intended for team ideas and planning.
If you are interested in joining our team, please convo fairiesnest

Posted at 1:46pm Jun 1, 2008 EDT


Hi friends! Our first ever team planning thread! May our efforts bring joy and a loving care for children and the earth through growing our businesses :)

TEAM TIPS in summary of the post by fairiesnest in the google group
Here are some things we can do to help the team thrive:
1. tag items correctly ("naturalkids team", and "summer party" when appropriate)
2. make team treasuries
3. visit all team treasuries, click once on each of the items and
leave a comment (this really makes a big difference in number of views
a treasury gets)
4. visit the team and promo threads often
5. add a link to your personal blog for a team search:
6. We now have a Flickr group so please come join us! Remember that while it
perfectly okay to post your Etsy items and pictures on Flicker you may
not have any links back to you shop except in your profile.
7. have fun!!!!!

Posted at 1:54pm Jun 1, 2008 EDT

Now that our summer party is swingin' (thanks Orit and Haddy and everyone!), I think a great next step would be to think about improving our blog.

Any ideas?

Posted at 2:00pm Jun 1, 2008 EDT

haddy2dogs says

Nice work, booking marking, I will be back later!

Posted at 2:02pm Jun 1, 2008 EDT

Wow! what a work!
I an exiting for this new step
Now I will read in more details and I am thinking to write an article or to give once more instructions-we will decide togrther what is the best to do

Posted at 2:11pm Jun 1, 2008 EDT

oolcomesalive-can you explain this in more details?

"3. visit all team treasuries, click once on each of the items and
leave a comment (this really makes a big difference in number of views
a treasury gets"

Posted at 2:22pm Jun 1, 2008 EDT

Sure Orit.
With treasuries, the default order they list the treasuries is by how "hot" they are. So the hottest ones are on page one of the treasuries list, etc. "Hot" means how many times they were viewed, how many clicks there are, and how many comments. To "click" you click your mouse on the box that shows each item - which takes you to the full page of that item. You are allowed up to 12 click per computer per treasury (one for each item).
If our team treasury gets more clicks,etc. it moves closer to page one of the treasury list. There it is more likely to be viewed by people who are just browsing through the treasury lists.
I hope that helps :)

Posted at 2:31pm Jun 1, 2008 EDT

Just think, if everyone clicked on each item of a team treasury we'd have 500+ clicks! Wow, that's HOT!

Posted at 2:35pm Jun 1, 2008 EDT

Go Lively Go!! This must have taken you a long time to put together. Thank You!

♥And thank you to all team members for making this such a terrific group!

Posted at 2:35pm Jun 1, 2008 EDT

WOW! Lively, you really rock! this is so great! ok, i will be back! xoxoxoxoxo

Posted at 2:42pm Jun 1, 2008 EDT